GM Notes [GM Note] Villas and Miniature Elephants
Black Desert 2018-06-14 10:00
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Hello, Adventurers!


Make use of villas owned by wealthy NPCs around Valencia and train your very own Miniature Elephant!

These can be quite handy out in the desert! Let’s talk more about villas and miniature elephants.


◆ What is a Villa?


Before you can go in, you’ll need to purchase an invitation into the villa from the keeper for a 100G gold bar.


Upon purchasing the invitation, you can access the villa for 7 days. In the villa, you’ll be able to access daily quests, make repairs, purchase potions, exchange currency, etc.


The most beneficial thing about having access to a villa is the ability to purchase villa buffs.


They’re especially useful in Node and Conquest Wars where the slightest advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing.

There are a total of 3 villa buff types.






Turning Gates (90 min.)

Energy Recovery +1

Amity +10%

Life EXP +10%

Karashu, Shakatu, Kiyak, Muna, Marzana, Talia

300,000 silver


1G gold bar x 3

Turning Gates (180 min.)

900,000 silver OR

1G gold bar x 9

Skill and Experience

(90 min.)

Skill EXP +10%

Combat EXP +10%

Sunstroke and Hypothermia Resistance Chance +40%

Kunid, Amir, Alsabi, Gahaz, Tasaila, Shandi, Inaha, Dudora, Oberin

500,000 silver OR

1G gold bar x 5

Skill and Experience

(180 min.)

1,500,000 silver OR

1G gold bar x 15

Body Enhancement

(90 min.)

All Attack +10

All Defense +10

Max HP +200

All Resistance +10%

Ignore All Resistance 5%

Lohan, Atosa

1,500,000 silver OR

1G gold bar x 15

Body Enhancement (180 min.)

4,500,000 silver OR

1G gold bar x 45


Get Turning Gates if you plan on doing life activities. Skill and Experience are great for leveling your characters, and Body Enhancement increases attack, defense, and others. Please note that you can only use 1 villa buff at a time and only the most recent buff is applied.


▲ ‘Body Enhancement’ is only available at Lohan’s Villa and Atosa’s Villa.


You must have the silver or gold bars in your inventory to buy the buff you want. Thus, no matter how much you have in storage, you cannot use silver or gold bars that are in storage.


Icons indicating the location of villas are visible on the World Map. If you mouse over the icon you can see the name of the villa, available buffs, and the type of daily quests available.


You can still check the villa icon even if an area is in fog and not yet explored, so you can plan your visit later!





◆ New Mounts! Miniature Elephants


Out of the many villas available in Valencia, only Shakatu’s Villa will issue registrations for the new mount - Miniature Elephants.


After you pay the entrance fee to Shakatu’s Villa, go inside and get the ‘[Villa] Especially Adorable Elephant’ quest from Serazad the NPC.


▲ You must activate the ‘Other’ tab in prefered quest types on the quest window (O) to receive the quest.


This quest requires you to go to Shakatu and give 3x 100G gold bars to him for a permit to raise an elephant.


▲ Shakatu can be found in a settlement that bears his own name.


The next quest is ‘[Villa] Freshly Scooped Cool Water’. You will be asked to get 20 Bottles of river water then give it to an elephant outside the villa. In order to save some time, you can bring 20 empty bottles with you from Shakatu beforehand.


▲The elephant is located in front of the villa..


The next quest is similar to the previous one. The ‘[Villa] Freshly Prepared Fodder’ quest requires you to gather 100 weeds then give them to the elephant.

▲You cannot use bottles of river water or weeds that you already possessed before the quest to feed it to the elephant.


The last quest is ‘[Villa] Owner of a Special Elephant’. You will need to head to Shakatu and find Batirma the stable keeper.


When you complete this quest you will receive ‘Registration: Miniature Elephant’.



Although the Miniature Elephant is slower than a horse, it can carry much more. It is able to carry 830 LT without penalty and further up to 1700 LT with a bit of a speed penalty. This is quite a remarkable weight capacity.


They can learn up to 8 skills and are not affected by the desert climate. So they run at normal speeds and can use skills in the desert. This makes them ideal for trading across the desert.




Skill Effect

Fore Chop

Fore Chop F

Raises its front feet and slams the ground. There is no attack decision effect.

Quick Run

↑ + Shift (Req. Saddle)

Hit W to start 4-level acceleration.

Quick Turn

Press ← OR → + ↓ while running

You can take a turn in a more abrupt manner.

Quick Halt

Press ↓ while running

You can stop more quickly with a shorter braking distance.


SpaceBar (Req. Stirrups)

Miniature Elephent will raise its front feet and roar. (The adventurer will gain HP/MP auto recovery amount +19 buff.)

Side Steps

← OR →

 Miniature Elephant’s skill that is equivalent to Sideways.


Press F while running

(Req. Saddle)

Miniature Elephent’s skill equivalent to Instant Accel. It can be used only at 3-level acceleration or higher.

Quick Start

Q (Req. Elephant Mask)

Q to dash forward from a standstill. You will stop eventually if no key commands are applied after Quick Start.





What do you think about the new Villas and Miniature Elephants? They are definitely helpful to use in and out of the desert.


We will return with interesting and helpful facts to assist our Adventurers on their journey!

Thank you.

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