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No Scheduled Maintenance on 1/2 (Wed)

  • 2018.12.28 14:00
  • / by Black Desert

Hello, Adventurers!
This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


Black Desert has scheduled maintenance every Wednesday.

However, there won’t be scheduled maintenance on 1/2 (Wed) due to circumstances.


We expect to resume scheduled maintenance starting the week after on 1/9 (Wed).

Please remember this as to not be inconvenienced by this change.


■ Please Note

- If you use a Name Change Coupon after maintenance on 12/26 (Wed), then the change will be applied after maintenance on 1/9 (Wed).

- If you requested to restore Character bound items, then the item will be restored after maintenance on 1/9 (Wed).

- Rewards for the 4th week of [Turn up the heat on Friday Night!] will be sent after maintenance on 1/9 (Wed).

- Rewards for [GM Radio - Tell us Your Story] will be sent after maintenance on 1/9 (Wed).


Black Desert will continue to work hard to become exceptional.


Thank you.

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