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Notice Regarding Investigation of Silver Transfers of Specific Accounts

  • 2019.03.12 11:40
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers,

This is the MMORPG, Black Desert.


As you may already know, Black Desert strictly prohibits trading between individuals.


Further, we prohibit any acts that exploits the system to disrupt the in-game integrity or causes harm to others. This includes the act of moving silver between specific accounts by purchasing and selling certain enhanced items that are rarely on the market.


Nevertheless, recently in the Central Market, silver has been abnormally transferred between specific accounts by using the price differences of certain items. The Central Market was created with the goal of being a place where Adventurers could freely enjoy an accessible and convenient market environment. Most Adventurers use the Central Market in the intended function of a free market economic system. However, we have confirmed the existence of gold sellers using the Central Market to move silver between specific accounts, or creating monetary transactions for silver. Therefore, we are conducting a thorough investigation into these circumstances.


Transactions between specific accounts using the Central Market falls under the Operational Policy Article 8. Table of Restriction Criteria: “Market Price Manipulation”.  

8. Table of Restrictions Criteria

“Market Price Manipulation” refers to the following:

(1) An act of causing damages to other people by manipulating the Market Price of an item in the game.

Example) An act of repeatedly trading at Maximum Price in order to raise the market price of a certain item.

Example) An act of making multiples of items and trading between accounts to move silver.

Example) An act of trading items that are more expensive on the market than the NPC vendors to move silver.

Example) An act of trading items at high enhancement levels that are rarely traded between accounts to move silver.

Example) An act of selling/buying certain items between accounts repeatedly on the market to exchange currency.

(2) An act including all aforementioned examples, moving currency through the abnormal use of the market.

(3) An act of promoting or helping the acts of (1), (2).


Please be aware that although our investigation is not finished, we are providing this notice because the act of transferring silver between specific accounts is a serious danger to the game economy. We will share the results of our investigation as soon as it is completed. Any accounts identified as being involved in transactions between specific accounts will be subject to restrictions to game access and silver fines based on our Operational Policy.     


Also, any Adventurers exploiting the system to disrupt the in-game integrity or cause harm to others will be restricted according to the Operational Policy.


In order to create better Black Desert, we ask our Adventurers for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.

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