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Information on the Results and Rewards of the Truth or Lie Event

  • 2019.04.10 21:30
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers,

This is the MMORPG, Black Desert.

The ‘Truth or Lie’ event that we held on April Fools was created to be an event where you could view the changes over time. We meant it to be a fun event for our Adventurers to enjoy. However, we discovered that the event page had displayed the data incorrectly by having errors in the totals and being reversed.

Due to this issue, the event rewards scheduled for the 4/10 maintenance has been postponed. We apologize for the inconvenience experienced by all our Adventurers who participated in the event, regardless of whether they chose Truth/Lie.

The correct results and rewards for this event are as follows.


Event Results

- The data has been corrected with this notice: [Link]

How will the rewards be sent out?

- The rewards will be sent out according to the “Participation Number” regardless of the number of successes.
Example) For 2 successes and 5 failures, as the participation number is 7, you will receive the rewards as if all 7 were successes.

- Schedule for Rewards: After the next regular maintenance.

If we were to simply use our corrected results to determine the rewards, our Adventurers may be confused by the previous selection results. It’s why we have decided to determine the rewards from your event participation instead of the number of successes.

Once again, we apologize for the confusion and inconvenience from this event. Looking forward, we will strive to ensure similar issues do not arise.

Thank you.


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