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Merv’s Palette Effect Being Applied Abnormally

  • 2019.06.12 10:00
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers,

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We are aware of the issue where using certain Value Packs would apply the effect of Merv's Palette after the maintenance on 2019/06/05 (Wed).


This issue will be fixed after the maintenance on 2019/06/12 (Wed), and any families with abnormally acquired Merv’s Palette effect will be processed as below.



 - Target: Families that abnormally acquired the effect of Merv’s Palette during the period below.  

 - Period: 2019/06/05 (Wed) after maintenance ~ 2019/06/12 (Wed) before maintenance

 - Process: Removed the abnormally applied effect of Merv’s Palette


We apologize for the inconvenience.


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