Notices [Notice] Website Renewal for Black Desert
Black Desert 2019-09-04 11:30


Greetings Adventurer, 


On September 4th, the Black Desert SEA official website underwent a renewal. 

We’ve upgraded the website’s design, improved its convenience, and added new features! 


It’s a brand new make-over for our official website~

Read on to learn more about our improved Black Desert website! 




View Black Desert’s announcements, notices, updates, and events here. 

  • ○ Notices: Announcements and News 
  • ○ Update: Update and Patch Information
  • ○ Events: On-going/Completed Event Information and Winners Announcement
  • ○ GM Note: News and Information from the GMs 
  • ○ Pearl Shop: Announcement and Information on the New Products/Discounts/Promotions for the in-game Pearl Shop. 



An MMORPG with over 10 million Adventurers across 150 countries! Witness the heart-pumping action and adventures of Black Desert.  

  • ○ Game Features: Introduction to Black Desert’s many features, such as the stunning graphics, dazzling combat, large-scale PVP, and diverse life content 
  • ○ Class Introduction: Learn about the diverse classes that are playable in Black Desert and their unique characteristics. 
  • ○ Adventurer’s Guide: Helpful guide for gameplay.  


Camping Grounds (New)

Find a guild or friend to go on an adventure with. Plus, you can follow along Black Desert’s content!  

  • Search Friends: Find and add friends to enjoy Black Desert with.
  • Search Guilds: Find guilds and clans created in Black Desert. 
  • Beauty Album: View customization files uploaded by other Adventurers. 
  • Photo Gallery: View images taken in Black Desert. 
  • Black Desert TV: Check out Black Desert streams broadcast by Adventurers across the world.  
  • ○ Central Market:  Access and use the Central Market from the web/mobile.  



Buy/upgrades packages, top up Acoin to purchase pearl boxes, or redeem web coupons here! 

  • ○ Packages: Buy/Upgrade Packages to access Black Desert/ to receive other benefits. 
    ○ ACOIN Top Up: Top up Acoin to purchase in-game pearl boxes. 
  • ○ Coupons: Enter and redeem web coupons that you can acquire from events.  



A place for Adventurers to discuss and share topics about Black Desert.  

  • ○ Forums: Discuss Black Desert with other Adventurers
  • ○ Tips & Guides: Share your tips & guides for Black Desert. 
  • ○ Search Guilds & Friends: Find friends and guilds/guild members to adventure with in Black Desert. 
  • ○ Feedback: Give feedback about Black Desert 
  • ○ Creative Content: Upload and share beautiful screenshots, fan art, and videos of Black Desert. 


[Developer Comments]

Many Adventurers gave us feedback about improving the forums. We agree with our Adventurers that it’s important for forums to be a convenient place for discussion and sharing of topics. That’s why, we’ve changed the forums be more familiar and accessible through the website renewal. The forums now includes categories and subcategories for you to discuss and share the topics you want!   



The game client, variety of awesome videos, wallpaper, and soundtracks are available for download. 

  • ○ Client: Download the Black Desert client (View the FAQ for the installation guide). 
  • ○ Video: You can watch and appreciate the official videos by Black Desert. 
  • ○ Wallpaper: Download the beautiful and wonderful wallpapers of Black Desert. 
  • ○ Soundtracks: Listen to Black Desert’s Remastered OST.  



Contact support if you encounter difficulties playing the game or need a question answered. 

  • ○ Support: If you encounter any problems/difficulties when playing the game. 
  • ○ FAQ: View the most frequent questions and their answers here. If you have a question, please first refer to the FAQ. 

○ Security Center: Secure your account and personal information with the settings provided in the Security Center



Plus, for our veteran Adventurers of Black Desert


We’ve been thinking on how to create an environment where our Adventurers can more easily focus on the game. Thus, we enhanced the features and functions of the launcher to be more convenient and allow you to easily check events, updates, and announcements.




Additionally, we are continually thinking and developing an environment that allows you to comfortably enjoy the various contents of Black Desert; this includes ways for you to enjoy Black Desert in a more refreshing ways. 


As always, we will do our best to ensure the best Black Desert experience for you. 



We worked hard to prepare the Black Desert website renewal; hopefully our Adventures are as excited as we are for the many new contents and features. However, if you encounter any inconveniences or difficulties while using the website, please contact us via [Support].

Thank you.