Notices [Notice] Game Restriction for Accounts Violating the Operational Policy (2019.11.18)
Black Desert 2019-11-18 17:42


Greetings Adventurers,


These Families have been confirmed to have violated the Black Desert Operational Policy; the restrictions were determined by the severity of the violations.


The following Black Desert game accounts were identified to have abnormal gameplay records, which may result in unfair advantages, affect game balance, or place an undue strain on the system.


Not only is abnormal gameplay detrimental to the game system, but it also harms the enjoyment of other Adventurers. Thus, strong measures are imposed in accordance with the Operation Policy [Article 8: Table of Restrictions Criteria].


 Terms of Service

 Black Desert Operational Policy



Date Restricted Accounts (Family)
2019. 11. 18


Any Adventurers identified with illegal program and/or abnormal gameplay records will be restricted, and have measures taken against them. We will continue to actively monitor and aggressively respond against these violators.


In regards to our security system, we will be continuously developing and improving it.


Adventurers, please help us in eliminating the usage of illegal programs, so we can create a better game environment together.


As always, we will do our best to provide a better gaming experience.


Thank you.

◈ List of Restricted Accounts
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Date Restricted Accounts (Family)
2019. 08. 20 KiruwA AkaneBoshi
2019. 08. 26 Bloodshard Chocolate
2019. 09. 05 Kurosachi
2019. 09. 16 DownGod BigBobbies
2019. 09. 19 Silverforthe
2019. 09. 23 DailyBreads Reazien
SnowKing WinXP
DeepStalker HaiVN
CrystalTower PiKaChow
Yamm WokenNeo
CaptainAmerica FinalFantasyVII
Ancalagon Cynthya
Nabemiral RebornsAgent
SatThuVoAnh JustADirtyOldMan
Kkin ManaLeak
Usilsangad Ysejunei12
BasaKa Byla
StrayDogg Tamazo
Clane Deathtierce
Okukiyako Synchronized
2019. 09. 30 CHANMALICHAN Hatsumomo
Gesundheit FairyNarbel
GhostSpecter KaiLong
KanNotGitGud Kulkogs
MinRin NoHopee
2019. 10. 17 Alesna
2019. 10. 18 Reverze Villafuerte
2019. 10. 21 MrThang Kyra
2019. 10. 28 Pabalan
2019. 10. 30 RTX2080
2019. 11. 01





2019. 11. 04



2019. 11. 11


2019. 11. 18