Notices [Notice] Arena of Arsha SEA Championship 2019 Streamer and Schedule Announcement (Last modified: 11/23 12:15)
Black Desert 2019-11-20 16:30


Greetings, Adventurers. 


Thank you to everyone that applied to be a streamer for the Arena of Arsha SEA Championship 2019. We will announce the Adventurers selected as streamers for the competition.

The selected Adventurers will be contacted separately by email regarding the broadcast details.  

Congratulations to the Adventurers selected as streamers for the Arena of Arsha SEA Championship 2019. We eagerly await your broadcast!


Arena of Arsha SEA Championship 2019 Streamers and Schedule Announcement


Broadcast Stage

Family Name**

November 23, 2019 (Sat)
12:00 ~ until end**

Preliminaries Stage


December 7, 2019 (Sat)

12:00 ~ until end*

Group Stage A~D



December 8, 2019 (Sun)

12:00 ~ until end*

Group Stage E~H



December 15, 2019 (Sun)

12:00 ~ until end*

Arena of Arsha SEA Championship 2019




* Last modified: 2019/11/20 17:45 GMT+8
** Last modified: 2019/12/6 11:40 GMT+8 
* 30 minutes before the start of the competition, Adventurers selected as streamers will be invited on the pre-designated server. Please take note of this and be prepared.



  • - The Family Names and Streamer Nicknames announced in this notice are the ones provided at registration. 
  • - If you are found to have violated the Black Desert Operational Policy/Terms of Service, you may be disqualified  lose your rights to stream. 
  • - Streamers may lose streaming rights, be excluded from rewards, and may result in a restriction from the game if they do any of the following:
  • - Disrupt the event or cause inconveniences or damage to other players
  • - Show bias towards particular teams during the stream
  • - Cause another person in/outside the game to feel sexual harassment, disgust, displeasure or the like.
  • - Mention specific user accounts, game assets, game currency, and others are for sale, and all contents not allowed by Pearl Abyss.
  • - Do anything that can be linked to crime or criminal actions.
  • - Advertise for profit
  • - Disrupt the operation of the game or game services.
  • - Mention topics relating to politics, religion, sex, violence, and others that go against social norms and customs.
  • - Mention contents in Black Desert that are not confirmed or negatively portray Black Desert, cause confusion, or other direct/indirect inconveniences to Pearl Abyss or other players.
  • - Stream contents that do not match the topic or purpose of the stream.
  • - Do anything that violates other laws or regulations.
  • - Stream contents that are inappropriate, unacceptable, actions that go against social norms, or display abnormal behaviors.
  • - If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Customer Support]
  • - Contents not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules]