Notices [Notice] Presenting the Guest Pass Coupon! Enjoy 1-month of Black Desert for FREE!
Black Desert 2020-02-26 10:00


We’re presenting the 30-day Guest Pass Coupon for new Adventurers of Black Desert! Enjoy 1-month of Black Desert for FREE! 



Guest Pass Coupon Redeemable Period

- February 26, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance ~ TBA


* Guest Pass?

This coupon lets you enjoy Black Desert for a set period of time (30 days) without you having to purchase a package. However, you will be unable to continue enjoying Black Desert once the Guest Pass Coupon period ends unless you get “Permanent Access Coupon” or purchase a package.


* How to get a Guest Pass!

- Find and click the 30-day Free Trial banner image on the left-hand side of the official Black Desert website!  



We hope you will be able to enjoy Black Desert with this extended amount of play time. We’ll do our best to provide the best service possible.


Thank you.