Notices [Notice] What's Happening to Merv’s Palette?
Black Desert 2021-02-17 19:16


After our Merv's Palette announcement on February 17th, we've received valuable feedback about this change from our Adventurers from all service regions, including the Black Desert SEA server. We've taken your feedback into consideration and decided to raise the sell price of the Merv's Palette (30 Days) as follows.

Price Before Change Price After Change
45,000,000 Silver 150,000,000 Silver

Unfortunately, we understand that this may not satisfy all our Adventurers, but we'll do our best to always take your valuable feedback into consideration.



Greetings Adventurers!


During the February 24th March 3rd update, we plan to add the effect of Merv’s Palette to the Value Pack. We decided on this direction to ensure Adventurers who use the Value Pack and Merv’s Palette can benefit as much as possible. As for Adventurers who only want to use Merv’s Palette, the item will not be going away, so no worries there!


At the same time as the Merv’s Palette effect will be added to the Value Pack, we’ll be taking the following steps to ensure Adventurers who have an active Merv’s Palette buff will be faced with minimal drawbacks.


Merv’s Palette Buff Conversion

- Date/Time: During the February 24th March 3rd (Wed) maintenance

- Details: If the remaining buff time of active Merv’s Palettes minus the remaining buff time of active Value Packs is 30 days or more, then those remaining 30 days of buff time will be converted into one Merv’s Palette (30 Days) item.

E.g.) If on February 24 March 3rd at 06:00, you have 100 days remaining on Merv’s Palette and 20 days remaining on the Value Packs:

  • 100 Days of Merv’s Palette – 20 Days of Value Pack = 80 Days Remaining
  • The 80 remaining days will be converted into two Merv’s Palette (30 Days), while the buff effect will remain active for 20 days.


※ The buff time conversion will only take place during the February 24 March 3rd (Wed) maintenance. We will not provide additional conversions at a later date.

※ Converted Merv’s Palettes (30 Days) cannot be sold on the Central Market.


How to Use the Converted Merv’s Palettes (30 Days)

- Using the Item: If you want to keep the Merv’s Palette buff by using the converted item, you can simply open and use the converted item from your inventory.

- Selling the Item: You can sell the Merv’s Palette (30 Days) at an NPC Vendor for 45 million 150 million silver each.



Merv’s Palettes Temporary Sales Discontinuation

- Date/Time: After announcement until February 24 March 3rd (Wed) before maintenance

- Items: Merv's Palette Item

- Details: Due to the Merv’s Palette buff conversion, we will be temporarily discontinuing the sale of the Merv’s Palette in the Pearl Shop until the February 24th March 3rd maintenance.

* Note: This does not include Merv’s Palettes included in bundles.


We will do our utmost to make our service as best as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.