Events [Event] Limited-Time Guardian Pre-Registration Package
Black Desert 2020-01-08 10:00


With the package renewal on January 8th, web packages are now here!


Commemorating Guardian pre-registration!


A limited-time package that can only be purchased from the web package page!

Don’t miss this golden chance~


Check out below for more details.


Product Name : Guardian Pre-registration Package


Sale Period : January 8, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance ~ January 22, 2020 (Wed) before maintenance


Price : 1,200 Acoin


Package Contents

Item Name


[Guardian] Mueburus Classic Set


Emperor Hawk


Value Pack (30 Days)


Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Days)


Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days)


Inventory +8 Expansion Coupon


Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) 


[Event] Elion's Blessing


Function 20% DC Coupon



▶ Go to the Web Package page

▶ Participate in the Guardian Pre-Registration Event


※ Event Notices

- This package can be purchased through [Shop > Web Package], and can only be purchased once per account.

- The [Guardian] Mueburus Classic Set included in this package can be received from your Web Storage after the maintenance on January 22 (Wed). 

- This package cannot be gifted or transferred to others. 

- The items included in this package may be changed after prior notice. 

- The items included in this package will be sent to your Web Storage once purchased. 

- The items included in this package may have restrictions on trading/selling/usage periods and different binding settings. Due to these reasons, the items cannot be transferred or restored. 

-If an account or character is restricted from the game due to violating the Operational Policy, there will be no refunds for any purchased packages due to restrictions for accessing the game.  

- Inventory Slot Expansion Coupons cannot be used on a character that has expanded all of the available inventory slots (192 slots). 

-Unless otherwise stipulated by the relevant law/regulation and/or explicitly in the service articles, purchased web packages and the items included in these packages are not eligible for a refund once finalized.  

- If you have any questions related to the purchasing of Black Desert products, please visit the [FAQ] or contact us via [Support]. 

- If you have any other questions related to the operation of Black Desert, please refer to the [Black Desert Operational Policy].