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Event Rules

[Black Desert Event Rules]


1. Event details and participation


- For more information about Black Desert Event content and conditions of participation, please check [Official Website>NEWS>Events].

- The details of each Event can be changed or discontinued depending on the company's circumstances.

- In case of offline Events, losses and accidents are subject to insurance policy for each Event signed-up.


2. Winning and conditions for Event


- Announcement of the winners and the delivery schedule of the prizes can be confirmed immediately or announced separately on the homepage notice according to each event.

- Only one account can participate in one event, and no duplicated winning is allowed.

- The odds of winning and the selection process are confidential.

- Tax will be borne by the winner. The winner will be guided through how to submit a bank account and a copy of your ID card through notices for each event or individual contact.

- The adventurers who are enjoying the Black Desert in a country where the game is serviced through another country's publisher will be excluded from the event.


   What is the tax?


If the unit price of the prize exceeds PHP $ 10,000, 20% of the gift price will be subject to withholding and tax payment obligation will be imposed in accordance with the Income Tax Law and various income tax regulations.


- The following cases may be excluded from winning the prize.

1) The member entered faulty membership information or cannot be reached with the registered contact (E-mail or phone number)

2) Winning by a fraudulent method (such as account hijacking or abusing etc)

3) The shipped event prize is returned due to absence or inaccurate address or other reasons

4) The tax has not been transferred until the time guided

5) The member is deactivated or the event winner's account is related to matters in violation of the Terms and Conditions

6) The winner does not clearly indicate the intention to receive the prizes or does indicate the intention to refuse the prizes


3. Prizes and delivery information


- All prizes may be changed to other products of equal value without prior notice according to internal circumstances.

- If an in-game item is granted as a prize, depending on the event, the period of use can be limited or it may be difficult to recover it when deleted. It can also be adjusted if deemed necessary for the balance in the game and operational reasons.

- The Company shall not be involved in any loss incurred from participating in the event and the use of the prizes, and related disputes and claims shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.

- Prizes are not transferable and the winner cannot ask for real money or actual product of the same value.

- Please enter the exact address and contact information for the event delivery.

- Delivery can be delayed by the Delivery Company and internal circumstances. For related inquiries, please use Customer Service.


4. Protection of personal information


- Personal information may be provided to third parties for delivery of prizes. All other details are subject to the PearlAbyss Privacy Policy. [Go now]

- Some of the personal information (account, nickname, character name, etc.) may be posted on the homepage to announce the winner.