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Valk s Cry and Pearls selling protest
Dec 13, 2017, 11:08
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# 1

so there is a protest in almost every region in the world about p2w things...the most recent is MENA server here it is

my point is what u guys stands about this ? this is a good thing while our servers havent been up yet so we can discuss about this topic

to sum it up the problems are : 
1.unlimited pearl item sales ingames which makes the game too p2w
2.Valk's Cry ingame (in short about valks cry

before something like this (protest) happening in our region too i suggest we might following EA/NU about this pearls item per week or month for example and no valks cry ingame

thoughts ? please be civil :)

Last Edit : Dec 21, 2017, 01:52
# 2

Guys, I don't wanna be the bad guy here, But I am just expressing my view sorry if it doesn't align with your interests 
My review is only to help newcomers understand the situation a bit deeper

1. Pearl Item cap - I personally feel this only spoils opportunities for free players to get chances to buy pearl items and it is not as p2w as ppl think 
Example : 
 as per pics of MENA
 1 Value pack - 30days = 7millions 

if u play the game and start grinding in catfish or other places making 10m even lifeskills can make 10m easily so that means making 7millions to buy an item is easy but it's not easy for everyone to be able to buy pearls and buy VP for themselves with real money

The p2w guy which everyone claims spent 5000$ and made 6B by selling 1200 value packs but guys the MENA players are not looking into the bigger picture they are just salty over one player with lots of Billions of silvers think about the community 1200 players got value packs for silvers which they got by doing some fun stuff in the game.

The more the Whales(p2w players) are there in the community the more the community can get pets/costumes/value packs and other stuff if its limited the chances are reduced a lot

And moreover 6Billions isn't anything in BDO if RNGesus tot to fack with us 6B = nothing, Ok consider RNGesus also favoured him and he got all +15 ( that is the max for now ) so what half of the community also got +15 already in MENA, 

The $ to silver ratio in BDO is a big joke I am from TW we need to spend approx 30$ for a costume and it sells for 30M I think, but I cant make that 30M in like 2-3hours grinding and fun with friends but I cant make 30$ irl in 2-3hours by having fun,
The $ to Silver ratio is really not fair enough to be called as p2w.



2. Valks Cry: For ppl who only know that Valks Cry give FS there is a limit on how many FS it can give - 10 is the MAX FS for one successful enchant

My view on this is neutral Valk's Cry doesn't increase your success rate it just makes things easier for you by giving u +10 fail stacks. In the end its all down to the hands of RNGesus
Friend A :  got 80fs+10valks cry fs and aiming for a TET Bheg gloves( they are the end game gloves available)
and failed back his gear is back to DUO
Friend B: got 73fs + 0 walks cry fs and clicked for TET Bheg gloves and got successful and got it

So, in the end, it's down to your RNG / LUCK / FATE / KARMA in bdo, not +10 additional fs 
but yeah I don't tell +10fs isn't worthy but no need to fear about it except NA and EU all other server regions have them 

MY VERDICT: +10 fs is good but it's not a groundbreaking P2W stuff to worry about its just an advantage u get for breaking down a costume that costs 30m silver 


^ is only my opinion. 


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Last Edit : Dec 24, 2017, 02:40
# 3

actually for information PA already decided this matter for the protest situation

"First off, as we have stated via multiple channels, the reason why there wasn’t any restrictions on the number of Pearl Items that could be sold in the Marketplace was to offer more opportunities for adventurers to obtain Pearl Items without having to purchase Acoins and thereby granting fairer and more diverse chances for all our adventurers to get their desired items.

However, we’ve discovered that a specific Pearl item was being registered at an abnormal amount in the Marketplace. We believe that this could affect the fairness of the game and __create an imbalance in the game economy."

well its decided then even PA think it will gives imbalance to the in game economy just like i we ll see if this gonna be implemented in our server too :)

Last Edit : Jan 30, 2018, 15:36
# 4

Free the Whales!

Last Edit : Mar 2, 2018, 06:52
# 5

I'm curious, how do you think companies make money? or should free stuff just hire slaves?

Last Edit : Mar 3, 2018, 10:40
# 6

Cry and cry, not about valks cry lol

Last Edit : Mar 22, 2018, 14:20
# 7

Now Valk's Cry is available for extraction from Spring Blossom custome, goddammit

Last Edit : Nov 20, 2018, 19:44
# 8

I don't understand why what that guy did in MENA was a bad thing for the server though? The dude got drunk and spent 5000 USD on getting 6b silver, which is REALLY not much. He should protest against himself and maybe head down to a few AA meetings because that's such a waste of money and has such a tiny return that if I woke up to having done that, I'd want to actually die.


Pearl items on the marketplace aren't P2W - they give such little silver back that it's better to just grind. In fact, they're GOOD for the game - they allow people who can't spend real money to get items that would otherwise require it. 


There's so much to complain about but this is easily one of the dumbest aspects to go after. Selling pearl items on the marketplace is a stupid idea but hey, if anyone wants to "make a point" like that dude tried to do and blow a ton of cash by putting up a ton of VPs, please, PLEASE go for it. We'll be all the luckier.


PS: To put it into perspective - I've gotten over a billion from the 10M event alone practically for free. It takes me around 10 hours to grind about 400m silver at my preferred location with an item scroll (they gave out 15 in the last month itself). Assuming I do 10 hours a week, that's 2.6 billion+ in a month. In this guy's case, that's roughly 2200 USD. That's how bad the returns are. 2200USD for a month's worth of grinding at less than 2 hours a day. Sure, scream P2W.