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SEA Horse Breeding Thread
Feb 6, 2018, 23:39
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Last Edit : Feb 6, 2018, 23:40
# 1

Lets kick off with breeding rate to start with, I hope this will gather statistics and information from the higher level breeders.

First - Server Breeding Rate

This is extremely important for breeders to know, because it affects probability A LOT.


Below ____link is the only source I found on breeding, with very few stats, but I hope this thread can start getting inputs from everyone in our SEA server


I will start off with my own theory and info, which I also posted it on the above Reddit thread


My post from Reddit thread

I will contribute with my information, lets keep this alive so we can gather statistics. Current my 100% range estimate for our server breed rate is 6 - 9 inclusive.

Why? simply because I submitted support ticket to GM asking what is the highest horse tier for SEA, the answer was simple - Tier 7. That puts the possible range at 6 - 9 for Breeding range. (if you don't understand, 10 would give Tier 8 M as a probability, 5 would NOT give tier 6 Female at all, which makes the range 6 - 9.. try it on the calculator to check, its simple logic. I hope it clears up the rumour that the rate is NOT 3 )

Now onto my own stats: Level 30 T3 + T3 = 3 T4 females (breed twice + exchange) L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T4 Female L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T5 Male

Obviously, I have many more tries on my trained horses xD, but I'm waiting for more stats first from this community. Let's keep this thread alive please.

From my own stats and the ones posted above, my best estimate for server breed rate is 6-7 (i'm quite sure its not at 8, or else this thread would have some better breed results, including my own)


Breeding Statistics So Far - Small sample still but looks to be more consistent with Breeding Rate of 6/7 (I'm more inclined to go with 6 from the stats below)

Level 30 T3 + T3 = 3 x T4 females

L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T4 Female

L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T5 Male

T2 lvl 28 + T2 lvl 29 = T3 Female

T2 lvl 28 + T2 lvl 29 = T3 Female

T4 F + T4M (Both 25+) =  2 x T4 Female + 1 x T4 Male

T3 + T3 = 3 x T4 male

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# 3

Master 6 - Mastery -1010

i got a t8 (8C) with my 2 T5 (5M) LVL 29-30 both courser. according to the horse calculator on GG, only Breeding rate 14 and above can produce T8 so the BR is probably 14 or above that.


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