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Sep 21, 2019, 04:54 (UTC+8)
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Hi guys,
I just wanna give you some tips to get “Prognyl Silver Bar” easily !
These tips are quite useful for those of you who have low equipment or low gear score, or you don’t have much time to grind or you are too lazy to grind for a long time, and you are not a fan of lifeskills ~


  • You can exchange Prognyl Silver Bar to any storage keeper for 20,000 silver for 1 Prognyl Silver Bar,
  • You can get around 10-13 prognyl by killing 1 rare monster (with Adventure's Tome or Chenga Sherekhan Tome equipped : 10-14 prognyls, with Item Collection Increase Scroll/loot scroll buff active + Adventure's Tome or Chenga Sherekhan Tome : 16-19 prognyls) 
  • You can get Prognyl Silver Bar by killing rare monster around Calpheon district  (Catfishman, Saunil, Mansha, etc), actually almost any all monster around Balenos – Serendia – Calpheon drops Prognyl Silver Bar but as far as I know only these rare monsters (Catfishman, Mansha, Ruthum and Saunil) have 100% drop chance of Prognyl Silver Bar and the others have lower drop chance or even they don’t drop prognyl at all.


Q : How to find out which one is the regular monster and which one is the rare monster, sir ?

A : It’s easy ! Rare monsters will look like this, they got a label like Swift, Violent, Energetic above their name.

Q : What’s the different between Swift, Violent, Energetic ?

A : As far as I know,

                Swift : they move faster and have higher attack speed than the others

                Violent : they have higher damage and a little bit stronger than the others

                Energetic : well, I don’t know about this one  


Q : I’m having a trouble when looking for rare monsters, how to find them easily ?

A : 

Rare monsters have “Red Big Circle” mark/icon/whatever it is on the minimap

Or, they will have “ Yellow Big Star” mark/icon/whatever it is on the minimap if you have an active quest to kill them or kill their kind.


Q : Do I need to have good equipment or high AP/DP to kill them ?

A : No, not really. I can kill them easily with my level 48 maehwa with only 60 AP/90 DP and some back attack since back attack deal more damage than front attack.


Q : Where can i get Adventure's Tome or Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom ? 

A : For Adventure's Tome, you can get it from "Black Spirit Gift" quest from Black Spirit after you reach level 53, and for Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom you can get it by completing "The Adventure's Tome regarding the legend of Chenga" quest and own an "Adventure's Tome"


Q : But sir, i'm too lazy to find them. Can you show me their location ?

A : Ugh well, I will show you their location to make you easier to find them. The monsters on this list , in my opinion, are the most worth to kill since they have 100% chance to drop prognyl silver bar. Let’s get started bois/gals !!!


1. Lake Kaia - Catfishman Camp

    Spot #1


Spot #2


Spot #3


Spot #4


Spot #5


Spot #6



2. Calpheon Castle Forest - Mansha Forest

Spot #1


Spot #2


Spot #3


Spot #4


Spot #5


Spot #6



3. Ruthum Outstation

Spot #1


Spot #2


Spot #3


4. Saunil Battlefield

Spot #1


Spot #2


Spot #3


Spot #4


Q : I've killed them 5 minutes ago, but why the rare monsters still not respawning ?

A : Rare monsters re-spawn every 15 - 20 minutes, so the best thing you can do to get better profit is switch to other server after killing them all 


Well i think that's it. Feel free to comment or ask anything if you have a trouble in the game, i'm sorry if this guide is kinda' messy because this is the first time i make a guide and pardon my english hehe ~

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Thanks for this guide! <3

I also found this guide by ShojiQ on youtube for the Chenga Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom questline to upgrade the Adventurer's Tome. Might be useful.

Black Desert Online - [Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom] [Quest Guide]

Last Edit : Sep 26, 2019, 09:22 (UTC+8)
# 3

oo this is so helpful, well writen and so thorough!

Thank you for the awesome guide! * u *)


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