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Jan 30, 2020, 03:55 (UTC+8)
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# 1

This isn't a guide, its just my experience as the World's 1st BDO SUPPORTER

that has :


1. Qualified for Season 01 100 SUPPORTERS

2. WON 1st group of TOP10 Supporters

3. Been Disqualified end November. Reason given by PA, (inappropriate language chats)

4. Qualified for Season 02 50 SUPPORTERS



Things I never expected during Season 01:


1. Making new friends within the SUPPORTER community

2. Players who applied for SUPPORTER refuses to support other fellow SUPPORTERS. 

3. Server chat helping SUPPORTERS. SWEET thanks buddies of the chats!

4. Supporting is HARD......

5. Very little player know about forums. Its the same today.


How did I win TOP10 1st time?


I  had a happy Guild <QUEZACOTL>

My GM and Officers supported in my activities

My Senpai officer Backup provided me with a Leveling 61 Guide

(Actually I stole it)

My 1st 30 days

Its tougher then IMO as this is Season 2.

Season 1 no one knew what to do.

NO GOOGLE. We are the google.


Things I want to do different this time.


Pace myself

Watch more Netflix

Have more fun on server chats, TY GUYS!

Don't write to BDO so often

Have coffee and more coffee


Why I think I qualified again?


GMs are sweet

GM feel that I have Unfinished Tasks

GM want me to break down again

GM want to disqualify me second time so they can write about it as well


Who guided me the MOST during SEASON 01?


Most of you will know this  SENPAI

A TOP10 Title winner himself/herself.


'Ive been working in gaming community and manages community such as this for a decade now (community manager on other games).'


Thus his first words to me still sticks: 

I understand where you're coming from but you need to also understand that a supporter has a limitation.

A supporter should not interact with the players on:
> How to play the game.
> How they will interact with other players.
> How they will play the game.
> How they interact with Chats in game. (be it politics or religious topics)
> Spoon Feed players. Let them have their own way of playing the game.
There are more but these are the basics of basics.

Racism IS tolerated in SEA. Sad but true.


He is still on the forums though he is no longer in the event.


Anything you are sad about this Season?


My fellow shais are no longer in the event


My Dear Master of the Seas SUPPORTER AFFIG

My Dear Master of quests, mischieves SUPPORTER TEPESS


A Caring GM of <NorthNature> SUPPORTER Zenowoa, master of BUG finding in game.

Of course master of Guides Jarette Domongatt

Pathfinder guides on server chat SUPPORTER Haywood, Love3000


ALL winners themselves contributed so much but not here this season.

Maybe Season 03 ok??!! Let's meet up again if possible.


What am I going to do this time?


I TRY NOT to be disqualified this time!


So Dear SUPPORTERS, remember what you sign up for.

Hope we don't mutate from that goal.

Hope we be great friends.

Hope we make some difference.

Even if it just that ONE Player.


Got a question? I try to answer.


Supporters are just players like you.

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# 2

Like people usually say, you learn from experiences. You've been through a lot from the 1st batch, I believe and I'm thankful that you're guiding and helping me since the beginning of the 2nd batch. We're here to help lost adventurers and let them know that BDO have so much to explore!


Should we get our Shais strolling around in game - with mine, having the most expensive LV bag? :D

Last Edit : Jan 30, 2020, 18:05 (UTC+8)
# 3

I learnt I dont have a bag on my Shai........

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# 4

It's an honour working with you again for Season 2 of Black Desert Supporters Event!


Good luck to us in making the Black Desert SEA Community of today a better one tomorrow!

Last Edit : Jan 30, 2020, 18:33 (UTC+8)
# 5

Its won't be there same without some of you...

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# 6


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# 7

master of SEA Legs and Four Legs , AFFIG


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# 8

Queen of Sunshine and Creative Arts ELROHIR

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# 9

I guess you are really good at making title

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# 10

I am good at finding friends too.

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