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Ranger Succession Issues
Mar 3, 2020, 12:01
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Last Edit : Mar 3, 2020, 12:01
# 1


1. PUBG and PUDC are core skills for pve and reducing the pve damage of them and removing its down attack effects are totally disaster. It's okey if u reduce it for PvP but pls don't do it on pve.

2. Ranger succession has no block, grab, dash and lifesteal. It also has less protection and CC. Now you reduced the damage in its core skills and make it weaker for pve. It's not understandable and unfair. 

3. After the patch is applied, we have lost 40-60% damage output and it decreases massive amount of trashloots in aakman, stars end, under water, hystria and so many more. It definitely shows that grinding and pve stuff on ranger succession is not a good thing anymore especially for lower AP player.

4. If you want to keep applying this nerfs in order to make it equally balanced to its awakening or other classes, so you also need to give equal block and lifesteal for its succession. We heavily rely on high damage in order to kill mobs as quick as possible before they reach and hit us.

5. Ranger has lost many things from the previous and current nerfs, especially its damage on succession.

6. On successions mode, ranger has nothing unless its high damage. It has no block, grab, better protection, better CC, dash and even HP regeneration ability.

7. For hardcap rangers, they might not find any issues which are related to HP regeneration on grinding. But for under softcap players, it's a very big issue coz they have to stack many pots in their bag.

8. It's funny to know that ranger has no any HP regeneration skill on its succession while other classes at least have one skill which regenerate their HP bar.

9. I suggest you to add HP regeneration for ranger succession as the compensation for the lost damage it got from nerfs. At least it will sound a bit fair for ranger compared to other classes successions.

10. If you are worried about this skill will be broken on PvP, make it works only for pve purposes.

11. I'm very thankful that you solved ranger mana sustain issue and I hope you can solve her recent nerfed pve skills and HP issue on her succession.