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[SOCIETY] BDO SEA Supporter Profiles (Batch 3)
Apr 22, 2020, 10:28
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# 1

Congratulations to Batch 3 Supporters!


I'd like to request all new Supporters to complete a short profile below. I will post a sample format, copy the same and send them to me in Discord. I'll edit the post to make sure we post in alphabetical order (Family name). I will also post an alphabetically arranged tracker below. This is a way for people to easily find the best Supporter to respond to their query. Supporters please comment below once you've sent it to me.


Thank you all!


NOTE: For Supporters coming from Batch 2, I will upload your Batch 2 profiles unless you advise me to change it and send me a new one.




How to make a profile similar to the above:

1. Enter Beauty Shop in-game by pressing F4.

2. Zoom to your character until you can only see from the chest up (similar to above).

3. Click on view (to make sure character is looking straight), click on toggle UI, and then click on Take portrait (this will change the portrait on your character select screen).

4. On your PC, go to Documents > Black Desert > Face Texture. Here you will see all the portraits in your character select screen, including the 1 you just took.

5. Save accordingly as a .ZIP file and send to my Discord: Aurafyre#9393



Family Main Class Home Server Languages Focus
Affig Lotys Shai Calpheon 2 English, Indo, Java Exploration, PvE, Lifeskills (Sailing, Gather, Cook), Gen. Game Guides, Basic Building
Arabellah Arabellah Witch Arsha 1 English Black Desert Online Artist and Story Content Creator, Crafting Video Guide and MV.
Aurafyre Auraenys Dark Knight Heidel 1 English, Filipino,  Lifeskills, Gen. Game guide, BDO Fashion, Basic Logo Making
Billyansah LoliNeeSan Witch Serendia 2 English, Indonesian Lifeskills
Calista Cheimon Shai Heidel 1 Malay, English, Chinese General
Cyberdasm MiesterBlank Wizard Heidel 1 English, Filipino Lifeskills (specially Bartering), Dummy In-Game Guides
DmcX HellQuincy Archer Calpheon 2 English, Filipino General Gameplay, PVX Content, Fishing
Ennie Lasui Valkyrie Valencia 1 English General game guide, Progression, Classes, Lifeskills
Frankie Digitalwaifu Mystic Heidel 1 English, Bangla General, Lifeskill, Fashion, Guild Logo and Poster Making
Gigantis Gelesta Guardian Mediah 1 English, Malay Lifeskill, Sailor, General game guide, PVE content, Bartering and Enchantment
LeonClan LionessSpark Valkyrie Not Applicable English, Filipino Lifeskills, Knowledge Quest, Furniture, Residence, NW, Fort Building, Fashion, CP Management
Lupo LWXiang Sorceress V1 and others English Guiding New Players / Workers & Nodes / Lifeskill / Grinding
Meowmentum ArcaniaFarron Ranger Balenos 1, Balenos 2 English, Mandarin General, Little bit of Lifeskill, PvX Content
ReinsWoth Rozenelle Witch Calpehon 1, Mediah 1 English, Malay General Guidance, Lifeskills
Starsfall Qalene Ranger Media 1 Malay, English General Game Guides/Tips, Screenshots/videos, Fashions
Supporter Supporter Shai Kamasylvia 1 English Lifeskills, In-game Guide
Tafume Recalescent Archer Heidel 1, Balenos 2 English Lifeskills ( Horse Training, Fishing and Processing ), General Game Guide, PvE
TearlDrops TearlDrops Shai Calpheon-2, Kamasylvia-1 English, Filipino Sailing/Bartering, General Game Guide, Photo/Video Editing
Timestamp Reikise Striker Media 1 English, Filipino, Bicol General Game Guidance, PVE Tips, Informative/Relatable BDO Comics
Toffee Veonya Shai Heidel 1, Calpheon 2 English, Malay, Mandarin Main Quests, Side Quest to 61, Desert Guide
Touche DanielCaesar Striker Valencia 1 English, Filipino Lifeskills, In-game Guides


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Updated to include Touche and Gigantis! Thank you both!


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Updated to include TearlDrops! Thank you.


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Updated to include DmcX, Tafume and Timestamp. Thank you all.


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Updated to include Affig. Thank you!