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List of Suggestions
May 4, 2020, 12:53
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Last Edit : May 4, 2020, 12:55
# 1

General Suggestion


> Allow horse auto-sprint when auto-path.

- Kinda tiring to keep holding "Shift" key to sprint. Please allow auto-sprint for horse.


> [User Interface] Allow show or hide GMT+8 / Server time on screen.

- This help alot when playing in fullscreen mode.


> [Pearl shop] Don't sell all outfits.

- If possible, sell only 2 or 3 set of outfit each class per week. This will make other outfit more unique and rare. Changes another 2 or 3 set of outift after maintenance.


> [Loading Screen] Extend invincible time to 1 minute when entering the world.

- When we login to the game, there's a loading screen before we get into the world, but player character already visible to another player in-game. That fews second is  vulnerable opening for people to PK. It's unfair because not all people have good Computer/Internet to load the game as fast as possible. This happen very often in Node War/Siege.


> [NEW SUGGESTION] Nemesis List System

- Like buddy list. If we add the player on the list, we can know what server he/she currently login and we can see them in world map.


- Player added to Nemesis List will appear red & ready to kill on sight. No need for player to enable PK Mode. No karma reduction.


- Max 1 players per day. List reset back to empty after 24hours. (With Value Pack, 3 players per day)


- 10,000,000 silver per register and cannot cancel after registration.


- If player kill the target more than 5x, Nemesis System will end and the target will be removed from the list. Limit 5x kill.


- If other player add you to the list, theres a mail telling "Someone is hunting you!" Don't tell name, it'll be fun!


- If other people already add targeted player to Nemesis list, you can't add them until the list reset.


- This system can improve Elion Tears sales.


> Proximity Voice chat

- Black Desert world is vast! If proximity voice chat exist, it'll be fun!



Life Skill Suggestion


> Allow offline fishing/farming/processing.

- Fishing: Stop after inventory full or fishing rod durability reach 0.


- Farming: Stop after crops reach 200%.


- Processing: Stop after/when character overweight, inventory full or insufficient material


- This 3 types of lifeskill activities really time consuming. If Pearl Abyss allow the process even after player goes offline while doing it.

We can saves electricity also make some breathing room for the server (Not crowded). Player that have tight schedule like me can also enjoy it.

The ugly thing about Black Desert Online is player that really busy with life, can't enjoy this game to the max.



> [Farming] Mass breeding/gathering

- Option to breed/gather all crops that already 100% or above in the farm grid with only single action.


- Why breed/gather 1 by 1 if we can do it with just single click? Save time and energy!


> [Fishing] Allow hide/show nearby player/fisher.

- Sometimes, there's too many player near the water. It feel lag even with my high end computer. Especially when fishing event is ongoing.


- Allow player to hide other players really help alot! Not all people have good computer/internet line.


> [Fishing] No Force-PK/PVP when fishing in redzone

- If player equip Fishing Uniform+Rod, other people can't PK/PVP.


- Pearl Abyss. BDO is Beautiful! Every player have their dream location to go fish. If Pearl Abyss allow this, it will be a big positive update!



Red Battlefield Suggestion


> More maps

- Yup. More maps, even silly game like PUBG have more than 1 battle map.


- If possible, larger map!


> Auto formed platoon.

- Player without platoon will auto registered to one of the platoon.


- This will encourage class with party buff to work in team.


- Auto form platoon cannot leave or disband.


- Platoon auto disband after battle end.


> Friendly and enemy icon in mini-map.

- White dot is boring. Blue n Red should be ok.


> Don't allow camouflage.

- Same like Node War. Don't allow camouflage, show all players name.


- P/S: I use camo in RBF too. Sometimes I love to cheat! LOLOLOL!


> Hide other player score but show own score.

- RBF is battle between two team. Not individual. Hide the score, that can drive all players to focus for the team.


> Change 10 minutes limitation to 5 minutes.

- Late or not. Please, allow us to join RBF atleast last 5 minutes.


> Autokick when player hide/AFK at spawn area for certain time.

-  If player score 20 or below + still at spawn area for 1 minute = Kick!


- Nobody like parasites or spy, right?



That's all for now.

Broken English? Sorry.

Last Edit : May 5, 2020, 10:22
# 2

Very interesting suggestions, especially the Nemesis list!

I agree to all except for Pearl outfit and 50/50 feels about Auto Horse Sprint.
We do have Seasonal Pearl outfits release, and some of them too limited that they're unable to be sell in Central Market such as Snowflakes, Rosa De Sharon, Coco Swimsuits and Bikinis and etc. Horse's sprint is too fast for properly calculated auto path, the horse won't stay in path and will get stucked. 

Last Edit : May 5, 2020, 18:39
# 3

I hate this microtransaction. It's a no for me. They should just get rid Elion's Tears from Pearl Shop and make them purchasable or craftable in-game only. Like potions.

Last Edit : May 6, 2020, 09:27
# 4

My thoughts:

> [Loading Screen] Extend invincible time to 1 minute when entering the world.
I think the solution to this is to log off in a safezone.


> Allow offline fishing/farming/processing.

I agree! Currently what I do is AFK fishing at night, before sleeping. To save on energy you can activate the option below and then minimize your screen and tick "Send To tray". Any activity bering done ingame will continue with less use of energy/electricity.




> [Fishing] Allow hide/show nearby player/fisher.

What I do for this, is set my graphics to Lowest and  I also removed other player's names and effects.