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Quality of life/buffing gathering and gather nodes
May 26, 2020, 04:25
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Last Edit : May 26, 2020, 04:29
# 1

Recently with the Life skill season, gathering was further and much easier thanks to the clothing provided by the event. Although whilst this was up my friends and I thought that this would help the player marketplace to finally stock up proper amounts of items. (E.g. problems on logs, plywood hardeners, ingredients for ship upgrades etc.) Of course this boils down to the player's dedication for grinding but some ingredients, like the Trace of the Earth, being very difficult to produce due to the lack of nodes is honestly frustrating. So more yield, or if not that, probably add more VITAL nodes around the map. Vital, as in, those items mostly needed by players.


Second, trees in general. There are trees you can't cut. I don't get it. I've spent a lot of days making a sailboat with enough patience to tolerate areas where trees are in mass but you're unable to cut most of it. I think it's a good idea to make that happen. Aforementioned Trace of the Earth as well. It's a pain gathering those times when your yield is 1-2 per 1 and half hours with an artisan worker. Idk, I don't do this that much, but I know even if I did... It would still take me too long.


So for the long, deprived of sleep, paragraphs of me trying to make sense... I just want to point out the keywords and solutions:

Gathering nodes = more yield, if not, maybe at least two workers at once. Add more into the map to fulfill the current problematic player marketplace. To keep the supply flowing and demands not drag too long for like... a couple of months now. I can probably get more secret book of the old moon than get 1000 logs. Come on.

Trees = add more trees that we can interact with. It annoys some people when they walk up to a place full of fir/pine trees but they can't cut majority of it.

Add more quests that'll give you proper amounts of ingredients. The quests back at Olivia don't give that much ToE...


So please buff these or do something at least. And no, cash shop items aren't the solution for this situation. Obviously. 


P.s. I don't know if I should put this on the updates or game suggestions, I'm lost. First time posting something.