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[BEST] Rework how Guild Officer take Guild Quest
Jun 17, 2020, 17:51
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Last Edit : Jun 17, 2020, 23:02
# 1

Hi, I would like to suggest one thing that I think would be the best sugestion I've given so far, and also would help other players a lot.


Currently, guild officers need to be in that certain server to take a guild quest (GQ) in that server. This is understandable and also the ideal design. But ideal sometimes is not always the best.


In the games, players (both guild officers and members) change server most of the times to look for grind spot, golden bell buff, etc. So players won't be staying in one server for long. With this fact, most of the time a guild member request a GQ, it is unlikely that there will be an officer in that server as well (not all officers are online, and the ones that online most likely will be in different server).


Hence, it is quite troublesome for an officer to change server to take GQ. One day can be 10 GQ request and officers need to do that for upto 10 times per day. Also, when officer change server, often the quild quest already refreshed and changed to other GQ (this is why I suggest to put a refresh timer on GQ list in my other post). Changing a server sometimes need more than 2 minutes because there are a lot of things to load after changing server. Sometimes the server so lag, it took me 5 minutes or more, which is very troublesome.


So, I would like to suggest that you rework the GQ system, and here are the idea that I thought of:


Add a dropdown menu for players to select a server before showing the list of GQ available in that server, and then enable guild offcers to accept the GQ listed without having to change server.
Example of dropdown menu:


For example, a member in server K1 is trying to find a Polly Forest GQ, 1st he searches the GQ he wants by choosing a server, and then he searches from the GQ available in that server. Let's say he finds the GQ he wants in server C1, and then he chat in guild chat asking officers to take it for him. Then an officer in server S1 opens the guild quest window, select C1 server and accept the GQ. Here, both guild member and officer don't need to change server to do this.


This is much more convenient for both officers and members. I really hope the time I spend wrting this suggestion would not go waste and this suggestion could be implemented in the game. Thank your for your attention.

Last Edit : Jun 17, 2020, 18:00
# 2

i agree!!! switching servers just to find out that the GQ has refreshed is super sad D: even just adding GQ refresh timers will help a lot!

Last Edit : Jun 17, 2020, 23:01
# 3

Especially now with the introduction of Season Server, it is even more inconvenient for officers to change to season player then change to season server just to take GQ there and then need to wait 15 minutes to change back to normal server.