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Valkyrie Succession for Dummies
Aug 21, 2020, 02:18
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# 1


This article is not an indepth guide for Valkyrie Succession but rather a simplistic version for everyone to understand how to use a Succession Valkyrie.


Skill Points Requirements
[Pre-awaken] Skills to Learn
Skills to lock
Basic Combo
Basic Grinding Skill Rotation
Grinding Tips
PvP Tip

Skill Points Requirements

Minimum SP requirement is approximately 1,700 points.
With this you can learn all the necessary skills for pre-awaken & succession.

[Pre-awaken] Skills to Learn

Learn the Breath of Elion up to the Absolute stage.
Vow of Trust III
Elion's Blessing
Punishment up to Absolute stage.
Heaven's Echo up to Absolute stage.
Ultimate: Celestial Spear
Learn every skill required for Prime (Succession).
Pick any rabam skills of your choice.*

Skills to Lock

Black Spirit Rage : Prime: Judgment of Light III
The reason is that, this has very long casting time and you are vulnerable from being attacked.
While it is a super armor skill, you still take damages from Mobs or Players.

Evasion, Forward Slash, Charging Slash, Sideways Cut, Severing Light, Shield Strike, Counter, Sharp Light, Flurry of Kicks, Flying Kick, Righteous Charge & Glaring Slash.

Basic Combo

[STUN + Knockdown] Shield Throw + Celestial Spear Combo (ani-cancel)
If stun misses, at least you have another chance to Knockdown opponents.

[Knockdown + Air] Prime: Glaring Slash + Ani-canceled Sword of Judgment
Same as above if 1 Crowd control misses, you have a chance to land another.

[Knockdown + Air] Prime: Glaring Slash + Ani-canceled Sword of Judgment + Shield Chase + Judgment of Light
Same as above but longer.

 [Gap Closer + Knockdown] Prime: Sanctitas de Enslar
This skil has a range of 20 meters from you. If you have faster APM you can control this with move to mouse option.

 [Gap Closer] Shield Chase

[Gap Closer Extended] Shield Chase + Prime: Shining Dash

Basic Grinding Skill Rotation

On this video for experiments purpose, the Valkyrie here is a 254 Tet Kutum.
E buff was not used during this experiment.

Grinding Tips

General Grinding (Lower tier grind spot)
As for general grinding, spam everything but mind your cool downs.


Aakman Temple

In Aakman Temple, things are different.
While I told you to lock the PRIME: Judgment of Light III in Black Spirit Rage, grinding on Aakman it is not necessary to lock it.
This skill IS part of the clearing because in Aakman, this skill can 1 hit everything while on 100% Black Spirit Rage.


Hystria Ruins

While in Hystria Ruins, PRIME: Judgment of Light III must be locked!

Simply because this skill has longer casting time and you are vulnerable to damages while casting this skill.
Although it can 1 shot some mobs at certain point during Black Spirit Rage, I still dont recommend using this.
Instead, absorb the Black Spirit Rage when its available any time.


Skill Addons

Shield  Throw - Attack Against Monster +20 | Instantly Recovers SP Per hit

Counter - All Defense +15 | All Evasion 5%
Divine Power - Hit Rate 20% | Instantly Recovers 30 SP Per hit
Celestial Spear - Instantly Recovers 30 HP / 30 SP Per hit
Judgment of Light - All Defense +20 | Instantly Recovers 30 SP Per hit
PRIME: Sanctitas de Enslar - All Defense +20 | Instantly Recovers 30 HP Per hit


PvP Tips

Here we are, the part where we all came here to read!

As a succession  Valkyrie, our role is no longer a frontline support / tank.

Our new role now is a back line support & a flanker.


Our Job as a back line support is to protect our long-range classes team mates.
We do not want them to die, we will only kill when its  available or within range or close enough to be a threat to our long-range fire power team mates.


Our Job as a flanker is to pick a fight wherever & whenever its available.

Sometimes, we will become the iniator to make way for our back line long-range team mates to shoot down whats available.
For instance, a group of players are "balling-up" on a spot and nobody initiates, with our Elion's Blessing (PA) we can dive in and CC everyone before letting them counter-PA.
In this way, knocked down / Aired or whatever CC they are on are vulnerable target for our back line long-range team mates.


In conclusion, being a Flanker for a team-fight is very situational. You can go solo or go with your team.
But know this, you are a Valkyrie, you're no match for other classes while they're also in succession.
Nevertheless if you have initiated first, it is almost guaranteed you will get the kill.


Last Edit : Aug 21, 2020, 05:04
# 2

AS always, thanks for the guide Senpai Gold Supporter Jarette. (sorry, too used to this name)



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