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The Best Shai Guide Ever
Sep 5, 2020, 20:29 (UTC+8)
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Another Quality Guide from yours truly!

This guide will not talk about "how good a shai is or how bad it is" rather this guide will teach you how to maximize her potential in PvE.

You can look into a written guide about pros & cons for Shai here.


Note: All hyperlinks are colored blue.


I'll try to write this guide as detailed as possible to maximize her potential that you'll think its near exploit!

The Skill Build
Unlike other guides or builds, we will not be focusing on Talents. Our bread & butter skills are all in Main Skills.
Max all skills in the Main Tab. It doesnt matter.
As those skills will have its own purpose when you not grind, for example the Gathering EXP skill and so on.
← + RMB or → + RMB (Sprinkle-Sparkle IV)
RMB (One-Two-Three V)
The reason is that those skills will disrupt your main skills during the grind. And the Ultimate Skill One-Two-Three V will sometime be casted accidentally and consuming your Black Spirit Rage.
E (Cheer Up!)
If you dont want to, its ok. You can always access it through shortcut (E).
Shift + E (Get Well)
Same as above, its optional but its best you put this in Skill Slot.
LMB + RMB (Eat This! VI)
I suggest that you put this skill in slot 0.
Then Open Settings -> Interface -> Quick Slot Hotkeys -> 
Then in Quick Slot 0, set it to "Mouse Function 1".
What this does is that you'll be able to cast this skill when you "press" the left side button of your mouse (if its available).
If your mouse doesnt have these buttons, you can hot key it on "MMB" or Middle-mouse-button.
You'll be needing this for Quality of Life in Luring monster so far from you. 
The Skills
← + LMB or  → + LMB (Twirl IV)

Attack Against Monsters +30 for 8 seconds for self.
Instantly Recovers 6 HP per hit.

This skill can hit back-attacks and also hits 26-35 hits.
Now at first hit you are healing yourself with 126 HP and on 2nd hit you are healing yourself with 210 HP.
With this, it is guaranteed that as long as you keep spamming this skill you will not die.

↓ + LMB (Hop-Three III)
All Defense +20 for 10 seconds for self.
All Evasion +5% for 10 seconds for self.

This will be your initiator skill as this skill will debuff the target by -10% Armor for 10 seconds.

↓ + RMB (Kwik-Two V)

However, this skill is a must as it will buff you with another 6% evasion for 20 seconds.
Debuffing the monsters by -10% armor and -5% movement speed.

  Shift + RMB (Twirl-Three IV)
Critical Hit Rate +30% for seconds for self.
Instantly recovers 10 HP per hit.

This skill buff you with 15% accuracy rate and its a best combo with the addon: Critical Hit Rate.
It is recommended to use BSR (Z Skill) after casting Twirl-Three IV.

  Space (Outta my way!)
Always spam this when the 3 leaves are highlighted.
This will give you +10 AP Buff.
Good combo with BSR (Z Skill).

The Gear Setup

Note: Assume all builds are with completed journals.
Note: With the addition of Suppressed boss gear & Oasis Boss Gears, we skip Early Stage.

Middle Stage
At Early Stage you can opt to get Asula or Earring of Sealed Magical Power (Quest, Repeatable).
You can also opt to get Marks of Shadows (which is now very cheap).
Get those accessories to TRI at least.
But with the addition of Suppressed Boss Gears & Oasis Boss Gears, we can just use the following items or full set Tuvala for Seasonal Characters.
Sample Build:

Grind Spot: 
Naga & Crescent Shrine is also good but the mob-distance and grouping IS not suitable for Shai.

Get to 220 AP. Get your Cliff Vitclari to TRI (III) or TET (IV) and exchange it for silver.
Purchase Kutum Vitclari IV.
Also get your Heves Gloves to III or IV and sell it.
220 AP Shai shreds Mirumok mobs easily.

Dont worry about those Elitist that needs 250 AP in Mirumok.

Grind Spot:

This is the stage where your Shai will excell and will use her full potential!
Get to At least 240 AP at early stage and try to get to 250 AP at later stage.
Sample Build:

Grind Spots:
Aakman / Hystria (Preferable)

Grind Results in Hystria for 14hrs

Hard Cap Stage
And then at Hard Cap Stage, move to Sycraia.

Note: Before moving to Sycraia, at least get to 320+ DP. Work on your Caphras Level.
Perhaps 310 DP is ok to start with in your case.

Sample Gear:

Crystal of Choice
You can opt to get the Hoom Crystals but for grinding though, I highly suggest you get the Macalod (x4) sets.
To have +AP bonuses. 
Corrupted Crystal is a nice addition as well.


Bonus: Naruto Wall Climb

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Shai tripple jump is new to me. @_@
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# 3

Is this still valid in 2021?



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