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Daily Boss Scroll summoning suggestion
Sep 6, 2020, 13:22
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Last Edit : Sep 6, 2020, 13:22
# 1

Hi there! 

As well all know summoning scrolls takes a lot of time specially if you have a lot piled up in your inventory and feel bored to do them one at a time in a single day.


I wish to have the time lessened by having them summoned 3 to 5 scrolls summoned at a time. 


By summoning 3 to 5 enemy daily boss scrolls such as Imp captain summon scroll, Forest Ronaros Guardian summon scroll and Manshaun Chief scroll. People will be enticed to do daily log in's to claim them and do them all at one time during weekends or their rest day.


If we can summon them 3 to 5 enemy's it will be such an easy task to cleaned up the piled summon scrolls from our inventory.


The outcome will be less hassle and wait time while doing daily boss scrolls. Players would also be enticed to log in everyday to at least collect their scroll and do the scrolls will other players.