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[GMV] Paper Plane's Adventure - V.K. (Piano Full)
Nov 19, 2020, 09:20 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Mar 8, 2021, 10:01 (UTC+8)
# 1

This is my attempt to compose Paper Plane's Adventure by V.K. from my favorite Rhythm Game, Deemo.


Finally done the full version but in reality, it's two pieces of music merged into one via video editing because of the Shai Composition's limited music sheet. I hope Pearl Abyss would add improvements to the Shai Composition!


This also serves as my entry for the Black Desert Online PC X Mobile X Console Calphe:ON Ball Art Festival!




Featuring Lorrelle Ibarra (Shai)




Music based on: Paper Plane's Adventure - V.K.


Made with: DaVinci Resolve




Last Edit : Nov 25, 2020, 19:21 (UTC+8)
# 2

In some ways am very glad u left the SUPPORTER event


Now u have video skills, some painting skills. may they add more 'meat' to your stories in the future.



May you have a wonderful Journey!

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Last Edit : Nov 25, 2020, 19:43 (UTC+8)
# 3

Wonderful! Thanks for composing the whole song, hoping we can dl it too! 🌹 I love the ending cuts, the view is always nice at the sea and in observe mode!

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