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VIP server to help fund getting new server?
Jan 27, 2021, 22:41 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Jan 28, 2021, 09:24 (UTC+8)
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   So my suggestion is to add VIP server (PVE = 100%exp rate & 50%drop rate and PVP = 100%exp rate & 100%droprate) and only those who have the VIP Value Pack or whatever it is called can enter (the one that gives you 100 pearls everyday PearlAbyss sold last year if I remember correctly). And this VIP server will help fund a new server for our region by getting a few percentage of the sale of VIP VP because I know (I don't know if others too, maybe only a few) that adding new server is NOT FREE. Maybe add a milestone in pearl shop to see how much we need to get a new server. This is much better milestone than the Pearl's Blessing because WE really want to have more server in our region.


   This might be sound pay-to-win to the others but those who spend money to keep the game alive should at least receive such benefits. Also other players get benefit from this too because if more hardcore players/grinders in the server go to VIP server, there will be more grind spot for casual players to grind on the other servers and PearlAbyss can add the VIP VP permanently with price higher than the current VP in the pearl shop.


Oh, and if there is a POSSIBILITY that this will be implemented, it should be at least two (2) NEW server, not like what is happening now for the season server where you just convert the current normal server each season.


Also note for those who keep comparing the number of our server to other regions, their playerbase is much larger than us and they spend money on this game like its nothing thats why they have alot of server. While in our region where probably most of the players if not all are from a 3rd world country where the price of 1VP can already feed atleast 3 family members for a day or two and most of us probably always waiting for a 30% discount and a coupon just to be able to buy something like campsite. Even though there is a huge influx of players due to covid, most of it is probably from the permanent access event and a very few of those really spend to get the game and buy pearls and for sure some of the players got their work/business shutdown.


Just sharing my idea, no hate pls  :)


PS. also add a lifeskill exp on the server too for lifeskillers :)



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