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Season Server: New Player FAQs Guide
Jul 10, 2021, 12:43 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 18:09 (UTC+8)
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The start of the new season server brings with it the much awaited release of the Corsair class. New season, new class, add the discounted BDO package price in Steam and the FREE Permanent Game Pass event, this only means one other thing, new players, lots and lots of new players, in less than two weeks since the start of this season, I've encountered 10 new players doing weekly quests, or posting questions in the Adventurer's Board, Community Forums, or simply the server chat.


One thing I noticed is they have pretty similar questions, generally about how to progress in the game or the season server. To many older players like myself, these may seem common knowledge, having played for a couple of years, or at least during the last 3 season servers. Below I put together some FAQs for your reference.



Q. Which Class Should I Pick?
A. Generally, pick any class that you want, there are currently 23 classes in BDO, including the new class Corsair. But for the sake of level rewards, I'd say pick Corsair for now.

Q. Can I transfer my tuvala gear from Season to normal character?
A. After the end of the Summer Season, your Season character will graduate and be converted into a normal character. Along with this she takes 1 full set of Tuvala gear (3 Weapons, 4 Armor, and 6 Accesories), converted with their current enhancement, from Season exclusive gear, to normal gear.

Q. What are the level-up rewards?
A. Please see below:

Normal Level Up Rewards (ALL players, either season or normal will get these once per family)


58: Capotia RIng

59: Capotia Earring

60: Capotia Belt

61: Capotia Necklace

Season Level Up Rewards (ALL Summer Season characters, regardless of class, once per family)


58: Tuvala Enhancement Materials

59: Tuvala Enhancement Materials

60: PEN Tuvala Ring

61: PEN Tuvala Earring

Corsair Level Up Rewards (ALL Corsair classes, regardless if Season or Normal, once per family)


58: Gold Bar, Health, Breath and Strength Juice, Ship License: Epheria Cog, 500 Loyalties

59: Advice of Valks (35-45), 10 Artisan's Memory, 3 Combat & Skill Exp 300%

60: Book of Training (Combat & Skill, 10 Hours), 5 Combat & Skill Exp 300%, 100 Ancient Spirit Dust, Advice of Valks +50, 1000 Loyalties

61: [Event] Pirate's Treasure Chest


Additionally, reaching lvl 61 on your Season character fulfills the Season Pass requirement and comes with the below:


Q. How to replenish energy?
A. Energy replenishes at the below rate:


1 Energy for 3 minutes logged in
3 Energy for 3 minutes use cash shop bed + logged in
2 energy for 3 minutes use quested/crafted bed + logged in
1 energy per hour logged out

If you really need energy now, you can always use an Energy Potion from Central Market or Energy Tonic from Pearl Shop.


Check Grumpygreen Energy Guide


Q. Which accesory should I use?
A. There are tons of different accesories, some focuses on AP, some on DP , some are hybrid accesories. But for now, with the Summer Season, it is best to get a full set of PEN Tuvala Accesories.

Q. How to get tuvala gear?
A. Once you reach level 56 and finish the Mediah Main Questline, you can exhange your PEN Naru Armor and Weapon, for a corresponding PRI Tuvala Armor and Weapon. Make sure to unequip your PEN Naru to get the CHAT option where you can do the exchange.
Alternatively, you can exchange Tuvala Ore at major city Blacksmiths for Tuvala Armors and Weapons.

Q. What is the recommended minimum level?
A. Base on the level up rewards, the minimum required level would be level 61.


Q. Can I skip main quests on season character?
A. No. New players do not have the option. ALL Season Characters of veteran players can now choose to skip the Main Questline until Mediah (You will start with Valencia 1), by choosing the Simplified Questline upon meeting Alustin in Velia for the first time, provided you have finished the Mediah Main Questline once before on another character in your family. Most players just spam R to skip all quests, but this bit is important.

Q. Can my friends help me to level up?
A. Yes. Not recommended for new players, as going through the Main Questline helps for you to learn the game and your class. But your friends can help you level up by boosting you in high level places like Mirumok, Poly, Nagas, etc.

Q. I got a quest to kill Desert Fogan, where can I find them in the map?
A. Desert Fogan is located in Titium Valley south of the Desert region (directly south of Valencia CIty). All desert locations except for Valencia City cannot be pinned in the map and thus you will not get an auto path upon right clicking on the quest on your quest bar.
You can buy a compass from Oasis NPC Ellie, which lasts for 1 day.

Q. Do I need to do Main quest from start to get tuvala set?
A. If you plan to exchange your PEN Naru, yes you have to finish the main questline until end of Mediah. But You can also exchange Tuvala Ores at the Blacksmith without having to exchange your PEN Naru (not recommended as the PEN Naru will just go to waste).

Q. Can I skip Valencia 2?
A. Personally, I did it once on my main character, and skipped it on all my alts. I'd do MQ until Valencia 1, then go directly to Kamasylvia MQ, Drieghan, etc.

Q. How do I transfer an item from 1 character to another?
A. If an item can be placed in the warehouse, Character A can put it there and Character B can claim it. Some items cannot be placed in the warehouse but can be placed in storage. You can do the same in storage but remember that storage is local (anything in Velia storage, cannot be accessed in Heidel, etc). Both warehouse and storage can also be accessed remotely via Maids.

Q. Where to get Laila's Petal?
A. You get Laila's Petal as loot from killig in monster zones, you also get these from gathering and fishing.



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Hope you find these helpful, if you encounter more questions, or you have your own questions and would like some answers you can comment here and we'll find answers for you. You can also use the Adventurer's Board ingame (F2), Oasis of Knowledge tab to post your questions and people can answer from there. If you were able to find answers to some questions, feel free to share them below.



Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 15:09 (UTC+8)
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Waow. Thanks for the infos Aura. Keep up the good work and good luck with your Season~
Ook ook~

Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 16:13 (UTC+8)
# 4

Thank you LinX. If you encounter any questions, feel free to update the list with the answer.



Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 16:42 (UTC+8)
# 5

As far as i know, you can only choose Simplified Quest if you have already finished the normal MQ until mediah at least once on your other character. It's made for veteran players. So, fresh new players can't choose this option.


Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 18:10 (UTC+8)
# 6
On: 2021-07-10 16:42, By: PrawiLucia

As far as i know, you can only choose Simplified Quest if you have already finished the normal MQ until mediah at least once on your other character. It's made for veteran players. So, fresh new players can't choose this option.


1 Hours ago

Thank you Prawi! I have edited the above.



Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 18:39 (UTC+8)
# 7

+1 big :yellow_heart:

Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 20:20 (UTC+8)
# 8

Thank you Azurelis. You can link this to any new players on your channel too.



Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 20:22 (UTC+8)
# 9

Thank you for this miss. Heart for me.

Last Edit : Jul 10, 2021, 20:29 (UTC+8)
# 10

You're welcome girl. Share to your friends too, might be helpful.



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