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Wizard Awakening PVE rotation and addons.
Jul 26, 2021, 01:59 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Jul 26, 2021, 02:19 (UTC+8)
# 1

Overtime wizard awakening has been given continous small buffs that resulted in awakening being a very similar pve output to succession with less key input resulting in a more chill grind.

So here is a very small and fast guide to skill rotations and addon interactions for wizard awakening pve.

1. Awakening grind requires rotation of awakening skills only with pre awakening only adding self buffs and the Magic Lighthouse(red orb) for aggro holding.
2. The main advantage of awakening vs succession is the low cooldown Tier 3 addon on Chilling wave (13 seconds) compared to Prime Meteor (30 seconds). So our addon choice and skill rotation should take full advantage of this.
3. The actual flow of skills is very simple as follows :-

a) Prebuff >Pull/Aggro mobs (Chain lighting or just rmb mobs from range, chain lightning can stiffen them and make the pull slow).
b) Gather them in a tight pack, Red Orb (Magical Lighthouse / Hotbar input) immediately and magical evade so you back attack them.
c) Lava Field (E in awakening) on the pack.
d) Since I have my +30 monster AP addon on Chilling wave (Shift+LMB+RMB) along with 30% crit rate addon (awakening spells have low crit rate, this helps you dps more) , this is the first skill to use to proc both and do massive back attack dmg.
e) Hellfire (W+F ) > Magma Bomb (RMB while in hellfire) to proc -15 dp/ 7% Castspeed + 3% Backattack/3% Crit Damage addons, Into Cataclysm (Shift+RMB)
f) Aqua Jail (Shift +LMB) to proc -4% Evasion/ 4% Hit rate addons.
g) Chilling wave again to do massive damage and reset the addon procs.
h) Bollide (S+F)/Rabam Fireball(SHIFT+X or Hotbar)/MMA (Hotbar from awakening)/Lightning Spear (Hotbar from awakening) for filler damage.

4. Note that if the mobs can be crowd controlled and knockdowned like its possible in star's end then replace the backattack addon with down attack addon. In this case we want to use Cataclysm/Water Orb/Rabam Fireball to knockdown the mobs right after Chillingwave so mobs get KD. In this instance we replace the addons on Cataclysm with -15 DP/ Cast speed.
5. Depending on your grind speed and rate of BSR recovery try to use speed spell , Z absorb and awakening ebuff separately to spread the buffs over longer durations.
6. You want to lock your pet and not use it during grind as it will pull random mobs and disrupt proper pulls.
7. If you have 100% hit rate on the mobs you are grinding you can replace the -4% evasion and the 4% accuracy addons on Aquajail to something else.


Awakening WIzard Grind



Last Edit : Apr 22, 2022, 16:35 (UTC+8)
# 2


Past few patches have further buffed wizard awakening PVE making it a very comfortable grinder that pulls okay to decent trashloot at most spots.


Apart from skill changes the other big change is that when we cast our 100% BSR we get the Z absorb buff automatically.

This lead to me slightly tweaking my addons as follows.


1. Blue Orb + Speed Spell + Ebuff when up for pre buff.

2. Pull pack > Lava Field > Red Orb if required.

3. Instantly Magical Evasion so you are in position to back attack the grouped up mobs.

4. Chilling wave for t3 addons.Cataclysm for the cast speed buff and evasion debuff on mobs.

5. Follow up with Hellfire+Magma Bomb. Keep in mind here if you hold rmb for too long you will cast Barrage of Water. We want to avoid this and use the fire spells and cast Bolide here.

6. Flame's Calling and Barrage of Water are filler skills that you can start with or just weave in your rotation.

7. Aqua jail is an addon refresh and extra spell for clean up on occasions when you have cooldowns on spells.

8. Rabam Fireball and Fireball explosion and Lightning Spear are also additional filler skills that you can use for DPS.

9. Note : We are grinding with the Fire Pet MARG summoned now to make use of the new mechanics that give extra damage on skills with pets out.

10. When 100% BSR is up you can start your combo with Bolide to PROC that juicy Z buff and then adjust the other skills around it.



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