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Pearl Shop Items
Jul 27, 2021, 15:01
374 3
Last Edit : Jul 27, 2021, 15:01
# 1

I do hope that this will be implemented as it'll not only be great for players, it'll be awesome for BDO as well.
I hope that instead of PO for PEARL ITEMS, I wish it could instead be an auction or player decide price thing.
Example: Starting price: 200m, players can bid for it until it reached max or nobody bids after 1 hour.
The whole auction will be like, for 24 hours, the last higher bidder will get it, also, if the time is about to end and someone bids one more time, it'll be extended for another five minutes.

Sellers can pick whether the auction is 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours, and, they can also decide to cancel it or to immediately sell it for the last bidder.

Increments will be implemented as like 100k minimum per bid or something.

I don't really know about others, but I don't want to sell an item (Costume/apparel) for only 300m silvers, I seriously feel it's actually really underpriced.

I know for sure though, that it'll also help the game!
How? He! well, I know for sure that there are lots of people out there, that will be selling pearl items(Apparel mostly) that can definitely reach 600m silvers(That's lowballing it), and of course, how would one be able to do that? swipe~

So, while it'll be helping the game, it'll also slowly(Lowballing) saturate the player base's needs for pearl items, especially players like me that can earn many silvers but does not have any way of buying items through real money.

Game happy~
Sellers happy~
Buyers happy~
Neebs that are entitled (Unfair! We're farming so bad to earn 1b silvers, yet, they only need to swipe and sell costumes/apparels to earn 50B silvers?! Unfair! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!) -will be unhappy.

Last Edit : Aug 16, 2021, 11:56
# 2

The current system is good. Your suggestion is quite bad. Why? Use your brain.


Last Edit : Oct 16, 2021, 20:50
# 3

It's good, since, silvers are stacking so much for me rn.



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