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Terrmian Daily Quest Tips
Aug 7, 2021, 19:52 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Aug 8, 2021, 10:05 (UTC+8)
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The Daily Terrmian event quests can easily be completed in less than 10 mins, see my sample speed run. But this was only made possible because of preparation and a few tips when doing some of the event quests. Below I share some of my preparations.

NOTE: Doesn't Include [Event] Shipwrecked Pirate Ship Treasure.



1. Prepare Quest Requirements

Here is a list of the required items you can have ahead of time based on the order I complete them after Caring for Whales 1:

Cute Raccoon - Capture Cute Raccoon by crouching towards it (Q) then sneaking towards it until it lies down and shows its belly.

[Event] Yogurt - Buy from Terrmian Night Market NPC Daniel, right behind Licca.

50 Terrmian Sunrise - Simple Cook, 1 Sugar, 1 Pineapple, 1 [Event] Terrmian Spirits. Buy from Terrmian Night Market NPC Verda.


With the new increased success rate for obtaining Terrmian Sunrise since the last maintenance on April 4, 2021, you can easily prepare 50 X Remaining Event Days, that's 12 including today and day of maintenance. This way you can easily complete the daily quest [Event] No More Cocktails by turning in the 50 Terrmian Sunrise required per day.


2. Complete Caring For Whales 1

This will ensure that you get the fish out of the way and proceed with completing the rest with no distractions. The quest previously required you to only catch Mudskipper, which will fulfill the quest, and just talk to Palong for completion, however the rate at which Mudskipper iwas caught is slower. As per the last maintenance on April 4, 2021, they updated the quest to let you hand over any green quality fish to Palong for completion. The only downside is you have to have the fish in your bag so you can hand it over, unlike previously where you just have to catch it, and auto-discard after.


3. Complete Ocean Area First

By Ocean area I mean the following quests: Caring for Whales 2, Spooky Tales, Bang Bang! and Reward for Valor. Right after completing Caring for Whales 1, completing these 4 quests in order eliminates them from your task list. Also, they can be completed along each other's way in the below order:

Get Caring for Whales 2 > Get Spooky Tales > Get Bang Bang! > Perform Bang Bang! > Complete Bang Bang! > Complete Spooky Tales > Get Reward for Valor > Perform Reward for Valor > Perform Caring for Whales 2 > Complete Reward for Valor > Complete Caring for Whales 2.


4. Conserve Your Tools

Some of the daily quests in this event require you to have the below tools to complete the quests.
[Event] Terrmian Matchlock - Interact (R) with the firing range booth in front of Harrio. Available after accepting quest Bang Bang! for 1 Terrmian Coral Coin.
[Event] Terrmian Fruit - Receive from NPC Chi Chi after accepting quest, Save Summer!
Coconut Cannon Assembly Kit & Coconut Cannonball - Chat with Terrmian Pirate Rose after accepting quest Recruiting New Cannoneer, exchange 5 energy for Cannon and 1 Terrmian Coral Coin for 5 Cannonball.

After receiving these tools the first time, you can use them again for the following days to complete the quests. Both Terrmian Matchlock and Fruit can be used until the durabilty is 0. The Coconut Cannon is 1 time use, but the cannonball can be used sparingly. You can put 1 cannonball in the cannon, push your cannon on top of the breakwater, and make sure to hit the Pirate Scarecrow. If you put all 5 in the cannon you wont be able to retrieve the remaining 4.


5. Read Quest and Check Minimap

At least for the first few times of doing the quests if you don't memorize it after the first try. Some of the quest needs you to read the quest text and check your map. For example, the quest Be a Server for a Day changes orders and customers every day, so you need to approach the right customer and take their order to ensure you get it right the first time. I check my map and look for a differently collored yellow dot to indicate the correct customer.

Another example is the quest Shami the Customers. You need to interact with 2 customers for this quest, after accepting the quest, the map will show 2 small yellow dots on your minimap, the first is a dwarf named Beppe south of the quest giver, and the other is a Tourist waving North of the quest giver, right in front ofthe 3rd stall North from NPC Verda.
By reading the quest at least once or a few times, you avoid going over the quests more than once to complete it.



Last Edit : Aug 8, 2021, 10:31 (UTC+8)
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Thank You for the summarizing the event and making a guide about it. Keep up the good work.
Ook Ook~


Last Edit : Aug 8, 2021, 12:52 (UTC+8)
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Superb Guides!

Last Edit : Aug 8, 2021, 13:35 (UTC+8)
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On: 2021-08-08 10:31, By: PyroMonkey

Thank You for the summarizing the event and making a guide about it. Keep up the good work.
Ook Ook~


Thanks to you too  LinX!



Last Edit : Aug 8, 2021, 15:57 (UTC+8)
# 6

Nice. Thanks for the guide

Last Edit : Aug 8, 2021, 18:50 (UTC+8)
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Aura is Queen of the Beach >w<

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On: 2021-08-08 12:52, By: Welshy

Superb Guides!

Thank you Welshy!



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You're welcome Urzan. and thanks again!



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thanks for making guides for us newbies.

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