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RAT RAMBLINGS: Awakening Ninja PVE Guide
Aug 24, 2021, 23:51 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Aug 25, 2021, 00:04 (UTC+8)
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Awakening Ninja PVE Guide 


Hello adventurers! 


Retromay( aka Mr. RAT) from SUSHI guild bringing you some tips and tricks on Ninja Awakening. In month of May 2021 almost all classes received PVE buffs for awakening skills. That changed the whole game for Ninja Awakening grinding. 


Before going to class specific tips I will mention some basic buffs and some things that every class should know.


Grinding is not just blindly hitting mobs with your skill. It requires a lot of knowledge and practice if you want to use your time efficiently. It’s simple to say just get more AP and you will do better. Its true to some extent but there is a lot more you can do to increase your efficiency. 


First thing that you should know is that all mobs have evasion to some extent and you need to have minimum accuracy so you can deal good percentage of your damage. If you don’t have enough accuracy you will find out you are missing your attacks.


Now once you have sorted out accuracy and know your attacks are hitting 100% of time. You want to enhance your damage.


Food Buff :

SIMPLE CRON MEAL It’s the best meal for PVE.



Frenzy Draught

Expensive choice but best. It gives HP regen, Monster AP , Accuracy and Critical Damage. The only disadvantage is the –DP that’s why it acts as a double edge sword for people with lower dp.

Giant Draught Cheaper option but not as good as Frenzy Draught. It more of a PVP buff but can be used for PVE also as it gives 10% attack damage for all kinds of special attacks.
Beast Draught It’s somewhat a defensive PVE buff as it gives -10% damage taken from mobs and +1HP per hit. But its definitely not a popular choice for grinding. Could be used if you have really low dp and need extra exp while grinding but that’s all I can suggest it could be used for. I personally don’t use this buff in normal grind.


NOTE: There is a better elixir rotation which is complex and very expensive. That is only used in end game grinding spots like ash-forest, olluns etc.


Church Buff :

There are 3 types of buffs.


Offensive: AP and Accuracy

Defensive: DP and HP

Experience : Skill exp and Combat exp


They can be taken for 1G Goldbar x5 in almost every big town.


Villa Buff :

Lohan villa buff (Gives AP, DP, HP and Resistance



Now we will move to class specific things:


Ninja awakening used to be a very tiring class to grind on because of low damage(PvE) per skills and continuous c-swaping. With the new changes you rarely need to swap from awakening to use pre-awk kills and the damage is really good.


Skills to note/remember which gives buffs(Without addon):
  • Katana Shower (-20 DP)
  • Beheading the Dead (-15 DP)
  • Shadow Slash (+5% Attack speed)
  • Floor Sweeping (+10% Down Attack Aamage)
  • Murderous Intent (-15DP)
  • Flashing Light (-6%EVA)
  • Seamless (+10 Melee AP)
  • Ghost claw (+17% Attack Speed)


Thing to know about Ninja Awakening is most of our skills have 100% critical rate( PVE). So you don’t have to worry about having critical hit rate as add-on in skills. Rather you want to enhance your critical damage, accuracy, monster damage and attack speed. 


These are the skill add-ons i personally use.


You can see I mainly have add-ons for Monster AP, Attack Speed, Accuracy, DP - Debuffs and Critical hit Damage. This is personalized and gives me the most amount of damage I can deal with my combo. I would suggest to add some dp buff addon if you aren’t confident in your dp.

NOTE: These add-ons are not the best add-ons. This is just to give you guys a general idea on what mind set to have while making your own add-ons.




Basically you want add-ons up all the time so you can use your heavy hitting skills when you have all the buffs and all mobs are debuffed.



For Pre-Buff I always pop Ghost Claw(attack speed) then I pop Blade Spin(Monster AP and Crtical Damage)

Mid-Combo My main goal is to stay in awakening mostly while rotating my buffs mainly using Murderous Intent + Seamless + Sudden Decapitation then I procced use Katana Shower + Flashing Light to apply debuffs. After that i just use Serpent and Seamless+ Sudden Decapitation again.
End If the mobs arent dead you can add skills like Drastic Measure to Mach Explosion, Vaccum slash, Illusion of Restraint and then proceed to repeat the combo again.


Here is a grinding video to help you understand the combo and flow of skills I use while grinding.



I hope this helps my fellow ninja brother’s in getting those gains :D

So please do share your feedback and additions below.


If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to contact me ingame or on discord(Retromay#4383).


Rat out ~~



Share your tips and advice related to classes.