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Season+ Weekend 1: Balenos Completion
Sep 22, 2021, 13:51 (UTC+8)
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For this new Season+ server, I will start playing the game like any new player who's creating their very first character in Black Desert Online. I will mainly cover the activities I completed over the weekend, playing with my new Season+ character. Before the weekend started, I made my Season+ character which is a Sorcerer, watch the video here. I made sure this bit is done so I can just spend the time leveling and completing the Main Quest.


I started my weekend Season+ journey in BDO by talking to the Black Spirit. The Black Spirit will give you your very first quest, which is to talk to Edan. From here, I will not get into details, but you basically have to follow where the Main Quest takes you, interacting with different NPCs, killing wolves, foxes, tree spirits, goblins and imps, until you reach Captain Cliff in the Western Guard Camp.

The Western Guard camp is the very first safezone you will encounter in the game, hence this will be the first time you can access safezone only features like the beauty shop/album. I normally notice something that looks different ingame from when I was creating my character, and this is the first chance I get to edit that bit. By this time, you also should be at least level 10, completing the first task on your Season Pass and get the New Adventurer Reward Box. That's a lot of firsts.


From Western Guard Camp, complete all the Main Quests, you can also opt to complete the side quests, and if this is your very first time playing Black Desert, I would suggest to complete these quests at the same time as you are doing your Main Quests so you wouldn't have to go back to this area just complete them later, but that is up to you. The Main Quest here will lead you to your first Main Quest boss fight, which is Red Nose. Take note, Main Quest boss fights are generally easier than their real world counter parts, but they do get more difficult as you progress. After killing Red Nose, talk to Cliff, who magically appeared near the battlefield, and finally head to the capital of Balenos, Velia.

Upon entering Velia, you will be asked to meet Alustin. This is a crucial moment for veteran players as they have the option to skip most of the Main Quest until the end of Mediah, this way they can levelup whichever way they want. This option is not available for first time players. For the sake of this guide, we wil not skip the Main Quest and continue our adventure the normal way.


The Main Quest in Velia will take you to Cron Castle, just Northeast from Velia, you will encounter another crossroad where you have to choose from 3 different story lines, the only difference is the knowledge you will acquire, so you can choose whichever, and choose the other 2 when you level an alt character. The Main Quest in Cron Castle is like a running simulator as you will be asked to go back and forth, completing tasks. But once this is done, you will go back to Velia, talk to a few NPCs, and finally will be asked to go to Eileen's sister, Clorince.

After completing the Main Quest from Clorince, you will receive the Balenos completion notification. Don't forget to claim your free Main Quest outfit from the Black Spirit. See you next weekend when I start Serendia. Congratulations!




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Cheers to more adventures!!

Last Edit : Sep 22, 2021, 14:12 (UTC+8)
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I'm doing my season properly this time HUEHUE...(I hope I don't get lazy and see it through)
Ook Ook~

Last Edit : Sep 22, 2021, 18:17 (UTC+8)
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Weekend Questing Adventures with Aura >w< Sounds like fun~!

Last Edit : Sep 22, 2021, 19:34 (UTC+8)
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On: 2021-09-22 14:01, By: Welshy

Cheers to more adventures!!

Thanks Welshy! You are welcome to join if you want.



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On: 2021-09-22 14:12, By: Rosylle


Thanks Urzan.



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On: 2021-09-22 14:58, By: PyroMonkey

I'm doing my season properly this time HUEHUE...(I hope I don't get lazy and see it through)
Ook Ook~

I'm trying my hardest not to get boosted. I figured I did it during the past seasons except during Corsair season, I can do it again. Goodluck to us!



Last Edit : Sep 23, 2021, 00:13 (UTC+8)
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On: 2021-09-22 18:17, By: KIRARYNN

Weekend Questing Adventures with Aura >w< Sounds like fun~!

Thank you Kira. If you'd like to join, you're welcome to do so.



Last Edit : Sep 23, 2021, 22:20 (UTC+8)
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Thanks for sharing miss.

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