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Current state of Tamer
Feb 11, 2022, 19:39 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Feb 11, 2022, 19:39 (UTC+8)
# 1

In this current meta where most classes are able to rotate SA indefinitely, chaining protected or fast burst DPS with AOE and multiple hit CC aspects, low cc vulnerability gaps besides FG properties in their skill rotation pool, and fluid mobility. For melee combat style classes to perform decently in fights, they should have a solid foundation in these aspects that include Survivability, Engages, Oppression, Kill securing and Disengages. However, the Tamer has an equivalently low contribution in all aspects.


In terms of Survivability, tamer has a good amount of iframe usage to compensate for her overall squishiness. However, one of Tamer frequently used iframes, WW contains a partial iframe that has vulnerability aspects at the half-end of the animation. Due to this, chances for a tamer to get cc’ed is relatively high and consistent based on the meta where most classes are able to dish out CC that consists of multiple hits and has AOE aspects. Not utilizing the WW will render the tamer to be rigid and immobile because half of her protected skill rotation pool consists of her pre-awakened kit that requires WW to quick cancel and repositions themselves. 

Possible Solutions:

  1. Allow WW to have an iframe for the entire animation with a cooldown of 1 sec and a partial iframe when used on cooldown. 
  2. Speed up the animation of WW


Tamer’s ability to hold the ground in terms of oppression is inconsistent and weak due to multiple factors that include pet-tamer duality, pet consistency, and overall damage output. The pet-tamer duality is hardly applicable due to the fact that Tamer’s damage/ cc skills have pet-followup properties that cancel the pet’s current animation. This means the tamer is unable to do much when the pet proceeds with the pet-followup CC skill as the player intended ( Void, Surging Tide, Roaring ). Not to mention the pet-followup consistency is undeniably noticeable, making its usage unreliable. The fact that the CC per hit was not like it used to be before the reboot, especially from Roaring and perhaps Void. Enemies are able to proceed with skills that have FG despite having their back exposed to it. With our trading potential skill excluded in order to preserve the pet-followup cc. Thus, Tamer’s only option left is to kite around the pet-followup. However, this isn't practical as classes in the current meta are able to chain protected skill or fast burst DPS skill with AOE and multiple hit CC in that area, leaving tamer at a greater disadvantage. In addition, Tamer overall damage output is low despite its low cooldown and pet-followup. Tamer’s only trading potential skill is BeastRampage based on the awakening kit. BeastRampage has FG upon choosing the core skill and has a long animation that can be derived from front-loaded damage and back-loaded damage. Most of the dmg from BeastRampage are back-loaded after the reboot. By the time BeastRampage is about to dish out the back-loaded damage, Tamer’s FG would be non-existence and enemies might already have repositioned themselves by then. This led to the tamer being incapable of winning most SA/ FG trades despite abusing the low cooldown and only being able to after landing 4 or more consecutive blows, which is hardly applicable in terms of consistency and the current meta. Furthermore, Tamer’s pet-followup attacks from a skill activation are unreasonably insignificant to be considered as damage. Aside from dealing nearly to no damage, it also cancels the current pet’s animation and proceeds with a futile attack animation that does not contain any CC properties. This issue is noticeable under the skill activation of BeastRampage, LegendaryBeastDance and AllRoundSpinner, which is Tamer’s most frequently used skills. The CC properties from pet attacks are only applicable when the pet is in the passive state or under the skill activation ( pet-followup) of ( Void, Surging Tide, Roaring and Howling ) and the damage dealt from them are unduly insignificant. Moreover, the CC properties from pet attacks and pet-followup do not bring much of an impact in holding a ground like it used to due to the current meta. 

Possible Solutions:

  1. Pet CC with Vacuum properties
  2. Ensuring that BeastRampage, LegendaryBeastDance and AllRoundSpinner do not cancel pet’s current animation and can be used during Pet CC
  3. Howling teleports to the enemy’s rear
  4. Howling to have multiple hit CC 
  5. Howling can be cancellable 
  6. Pet attacks and pet-followup does decent damage like ( Striker, Witchards, Nova )
  7. Beast Rampage to have front-loaded damage 
  8. AllRoundSpinner to have front-loaded damage

Likewise, Tamer struggles with kill securing. This is due to the lack of protection in Tamer’s combo arsenal. Celestial Slam is one of Tamer’s hard-hitting skills and is essential to include in the combo. However, the cons of Celestial Slam out weights the pros because the skill itself can’t be cancelled, has long animation and has no protections in terms of SA. FG or Iframes. 

Possible Solutions:

  1. Celestial Slam to have Protection properties ( SA / FG )
  2. Celestial Slam cancellable 
  3. Speed up the animation of Celestial Slam

Similarly, Tamer’s disengages kit is unable to guarantee her safety due to desyncs, game mechanics, and bugs. The ones worth mentioning are Moonlight, LegendaryBeastPower. Cloudreand Treeclimb. Moonlight has a wide hitbox collision that triggers player collision, greatly reducing the intended distance from Moonlight. This scenario is noticeable when players and mobs are exceptionally close to Tamer. Also, both Moonlight and LegendaryBeastPower have the tendency to have their distance reduced by halves when hit multiple times in a short period of time. That mentioned, LegendaryBeastPower only has SA during the first half of the dash and is vulnerable at the end. This is why this issue impacts Tamer’s disengages the most when using LegendaryBeastPower because of the sudden reduced SA distance and vulnerability at the end that occurs mere instant, raising the statement “ Getting CC’ed during SA “. Cloudride is bugged when Tamer is hit multiple times in a short period of time, it may either lead to falling animation mid-flight or cancel flight completely and channel to Vermilion bird ( LegendaryBeastDance ) upon holding RMB for the Cloudride’s flow. Lastly, Treeclimb input ( W + F ) and its flow ( Hold W + F ) are undoubtedly unreasonable as the flow is unprotected for the entire animation. In this scenario, the flow of tree climb may trigger when tree climb hits an opponent unexpectedly upon activation because input delay exists.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Change the entire animation of Moonlight ( perhaps a moonlight curve like the moon )
  2. Reduce/ Remove player collision hitbox of Moonlight
  3. Allow LegendaryBeastPower to have SA for the entire animation 
  4. Implementation of Iframes in the startup of Cloudride and SA during flight
  5. Change animation of Cloudre entirely
  6. Remove the flow of Treeclimb entirely
  7. Allow the flow of Treeclimb to have Iframe
  8. Allow Tamer to teleport to her pet similar to Bari & Heilang from Shadow Arena

This raises the question “What can Tamer contribute to and excel at ?” Currently, Tamer can only rely on her grabs heavily in order to stand a chance in competing with the current meta. However, Grabs are known for desyncing issues and are considered unreliable with regard to consistency. The only aspect that has consistency in the game is the aspect of Damage Output in the current meta. Not to mention, the current playstyle of tamer has long strayed away from its intended one based on the description given as pet-tamer duality is hardly applicable as mentioned. 


Last Edit : Feb 11, 2022, 21:37 (UTC+8)
# 2

I agree with the statment above, currently tamer is lacking in many area mainly its lack of protected damaging skill. In the past we have void trap to compensate for it if we play smart, however with void trap nerf that is not an option anymore. I understand that the rework was to address to pve balance issue however, after so many of patch to address pvp balance i do not see an effort to improve tamer.

Last Edit : Jun 16, 2022, 12:32 (UTC+8)
# 3

The girl is slow,
the dog is mentally challenged.

- The damage increase they adjust to Beast Rampage (the one and only core-damaging skill) is actually a nerf since the animation is way slower compared pre-rework;
- Allround Spinner is still shit in damage with shit animation, its been three years and you only used it to trigger the dog's charge attack and the dog is currently shit.
- Void Lightning? didn't even use it now since rework applied.
- Tamer got sheet% damage like a tons, but the animation is just plainly slow.

- Celestial Slam was a joke
- Changes on Fullmoon animation is ridiculous.
- Changes on Echo Pierce is something i would not appreciate, i prefer the old one.

- Throat burn changes was annoying
- Garuda is still trash, animation wise. only chads use garuda with infused bsr.

- Prime Lightning of Earth, revert it to the former animation. it is faster and cancelable, also make it usable off CD like before.
- Prime Heilang Roaring usable off cd with damage greatly reduced, we NEED THE CC FROM THE DOG. ah but the dog is autism at its finest atm.
- 100% Black Spirit rage on Allround spiner is now a joke, if you main tamer on large scale, just get in the hwacha.

She cant compete in large scale from the beginning and now she's a joke too in small scale.
- slow and predictable movement
- slow damage skills animation
- dumb dog

it is either improve the movement kits of tamer as in:
- Legendary Beast Power usable during cooldown; or
- Reduce the cooldown of Legendary Beast Power; this would improve tamer lacks of movement.
- Implementing iframe on entire evasion animation is nice, but the other player would not see this as "balanced" as if this game was balanced in the beginning.
I think of this because you can get cc'd or one-shot'd during the latter half of "evasion" and its plainly stupid. The most not iframe "iframe classs".


- They should do something about cloud ride, the fall animation is the most stupid things in the entire years of playing tamer.
- The change they made on evasion to swap to pre-awaken is shit, we can do just fine with bolt cancel swap.

or fix the f-ing dog, or just remove the dog and gives all the dogs damage into the tamer.

i can play tamer better pre-rework honestly. just delete the class, this is a blasphemy for an old class.


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