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Tamer after next update
Apr 17, 2022, 14:22
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Last Edit : Apr 17, 2022, 14:22
# 1
PA really wan make Tamer a dead class. They ban the only way that succ Tamer can easy grind camp by camp, since succ Tamer movement skill is the shortest in the game, every class got long distance movement skill that can smooth link to other skill and large aoe.
Let see succ Tamer, she only have 3 movement skill that only half distance to other class and also can smooth link to other skill. Tamer up + C , a front dash + slash skill with a 0.5sec stand. Sifth + space, a front dash with a 0.5sec stand. Evasion , a short distance evasion skill that only iframe when evade forward that see able by other player.
Grinding, I take bloodwolf main spot for example, Guardian, she can easy go camp by camp with 1 skill without any stand. Tamer need use all 3 movement skill to go a camp. Even Guardian can take that easy so don't say any majority class like striker, ninja can go around easy.
PVP, look at many other class, ninja,kuno,zerk,Tamer they same using 'Evasion' to evade, for ninja and kuno, their Evasoin got blink ablity that can make u disappear from other.Zerk the evade got no stand and smooth. Tamer, the Evansion after use, u need to let her stand first than only can use second time.
Skill with protect, Tamer got very few mainly use skill with protect, even in succ or awakening unlike other class. Looking to succ guardian, ONLY 1 mainly use skill that no protect. Ninja, Kuno, Sorc, they can easy protect with forever iframe.
Heilang, in the class reboot, PA mainly adjust pet of Tamer. Look at this look at this looking badass black Chihuahua, running using Tamer stamina, EVERY SKILL GOT STAND STILL ANIMATION WHEN USING EVERY SKILL, u cant move around smoothly with this dog when riding, WEHN STOP AFTER RUNNIG IT GOT A STOP ANIMATION, WHAT A BEST ACT REAL DESIGN. Who will grinding riding this black Chihuahua.
Who care about this nerf when PA add 1 long distance movement skill, and some iframe to Tamer. The important is a FORWARD GUARD with Q or press back.
  • Heilang: Roaring skills have been changed as follows.
    • Skill cooldown has been changed as follows.
    • * Heilang: Roaring I ~ VI, Absolute: 25/24.5/24/23/22/20/20 sec → 14/13/12/11/10/9/9 sec
    • * Prime: Roaring I ~ IV skills: 16/14/12/10 seconds → 10/9/8/7 seconds
    • It has been changed so that it cannot be activated during the cooldown period.