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#Dark Knight
DK Awakening PVE Skill rotations and Addons.
Jun 25, 2022, 15:43 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Jun 25, 2022, 15:45 (UTC+8)
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Hello everyone this is a short guide for Dark Knight awakening PvE.

Going over Add-ons and Skill rotation.

These are the add-ons that I use currently.

The best buff you can have on DK is Attack speed , hence my addons are mainly setup around attackspeed.
More Attack speed = Faster and more damage output.
The Human damage addon on the Seed of Catastrophe can be changed to something like Crit damage rate,

but I like to have it in case I run into some PvP or am grinding in Bloody Monestary.



The skill rotation is really flexible as most skills do good amount of damage.

But , the Key to having a good rotation is to have good buffs running and 100% uptime for the spells.

Which means , you can have a loop of spells that you can cast infinitely , without worrying about cooldowns.


In order to pull the mobs towards you , you can mainly use 4 skills.

SHADOW STRIKE This spell can also be used as filler damage or to switch from Awakening to Pre-awakening.

With change to the animation now being faster and having long range , its one of the better spells to use for pulling.


With the new change , it has long range , short animation and can be spammed even when its on cooldown. Use after Side dash for faster animation.


Has wide AOE and decent range , this spell can also be used as filler damage , as the new changes added Crit and Accuracy rate, its a pretty decent spell to use as filler or cleanup after the main damage combo. Use after Soul snatch for Faster animation.



Buffing up before you start dealing damage is important.
These are the spells you should use to buff yourself and debuff the mobs.

TRAP OF VEDIR One of the Tier 3 addons , fast animation , Backward movement , will help you set yourself up for next skills.

One of the Tier 3 addons , Has high damage and AOE so can also be used end of the combo.

Keep in mind that only use one of the Tier 3 spells at a time.
The buffs override the previous ones hence the previous buff will be wasted.


Switch from Awakening to Preawakening by Pressing A/D + RMB.

Has Fast animation and will give you additional attackspeed buff that will stack with the Addons as this is an innate skill buff.


We use this spell mainly for its flow. But , can be used to relocate as it has fast movement and iframe.


This is the Air strike flow , has  huge DP debuff.


When all the buffs and debuffs done , its time to deal the damage as fast as possible.
The attackspeed addons and buffs will help us a lot.

These are the spells you can use to deal good amount of damage in quick succession. (In sequence)

SPIRIT LEGACY Can be casted in Pre-awakening using Shift + RMB.
Has high amount of damage and huge DP debuff.
SEED OF CATASTROPHE High damage and crit rate and has a good Flow with high damage.
FLOW: ROOT OF CATASTROPHE High damage and crit rate.
SHATTERING DARKNESS High damage and crit rate , also has Down attack and 2 Flows.
FLOW : BOMBARDMENT High damage and Crit rate.

Very High damage , deals all the phantom blade damage x5.

Press and Hold Shift + RMB in awakening to cast all 3 spells in a smooth flow.


Some people like to use it after Spirit legacy but it only does half the damage. 
We use it after the shattering for more damage and the coodlown management.


Usually the mobs will die after this spell and it will help you to move from pack to pack as it has movement ability and movement buff as addon.



After all the damage spells are casted and there are some mobs left .
you can use the following spells for clean up.

FLOW : Spirit Blaze

Hotkey this to use it directly without using the main skill.

Has higher damage and quicker animation.

TOUCH OF EXPLOITATION You will seldom use this but is a good one for cleanup.


Before the reboot , Spirit hunt was the skill to use for switching from Pre-Awakening to awakening.

But now that you can use Spirit legacy to do so , Spirit hunt is kind of unnecessary to use.
But you can mix it up and use it at the start of the damage combo or even for cleanup.

The TLDR Hotkey version of the combo goes like this:
S+F / RMB > A/D+RMB > F > W+F (Hold) > Shift + RMB > Shift + E (Hold) > Shift + LMB (Hold) > Shift + Q > F > Hotkey (Spiritblaze) / Space.

I Hope this helps in being more EFFICIENT at acquiring more Trash Loot.
Happy grinding.



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