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#Dark Knight
DK PvE Succession addons and skill rotation
Jul 30, 2022, 13:24 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Aug 31, 2022, 02:07 (UTC+8)
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Hello everyone this is a short guide for Dark Knight succession PvE Add-ons and Skill rotation.

These are the add-ons that I use currently.

There arent many Tier 3 addons for succession
The Human damage addon on the Spirit Legacy  can be changed to something like Crit damage rate or Negative DP,

but I like to have it in case I run into some PvP or am grinding in Bloody Monestary.



The skill rotation is really flexible as most skills do good amount of damage.

But , the Key to having a good rotation is to have good buffs running and 100% uptime for the spells.

Which means , you can have a loop of spells that you can cast infinitely , without worrying about cooldowns.


There isnt much of a need to use many skills for setup in succession , as the pulling skill itself is great for buffing up.

SLANTED BALANCE Very fast animation and long range skill with low CD and gives Accuracy buff , this is the best skill to use for pulling mobs imo.

High damage skill that can be used to buff up / debuff mobs while they run at you


Good AOE and attackspeed buff


Quick Attack speed buff before you start the damage combo


Need to use it to take advantage of the DP debuff on its flow


Awesome spell for DP debuff



When all the buffs and debuffs done , its time to deal the damage as fast as possible.
The attackspeed addons and buffs will help us a lot.

These are the spells you can use to deal good amount of damage in quick succession. (In sequence)

PRIME : SPIRIT LEGACY Has high amount of damage and huge DP debuff.
PERVASIVE DARKNESS High damage and crit rate ,accuracy rate and DP debuff
Hold Space bar to use the Flow.
ENFORCEMENT Huge damage , Hold the S+RMB to use flow for more damage
LUNACY OF VEDIR High damage 100% crit rate and huge AOE

Succession deals insane amount of damage , so by the time you use these skills , the mobs would already have died.
But in case you need to clean up some mobs , you could use the following skills to do so.


Has pretty decent damage in succession

TWILIGHT DASH I like to use it at the end of the combo as we can reposition ourselves towards the next pack


DK succession is one of the more 'chill' grinds as its pretty low APM compared to awakening.

I hope this helps you get more loot while playing DK succession.
Happy grinding



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