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Lahn Succession PvE Skill Rotations and Add-ons
Aug 31, 2022, 16:40 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Aug 31, 2022, 16:42 (UTC+8)
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Hello everyone , this is a simple guide for Lahn Succ pve rotations and addons.
Lahn succession is one of the easiest and strongest class for PvE.

Lets take a look at the Addons first

Lahn Skill rotation is pretty simple and easy to loop , as there arent many skills that you need to use.

All you need to remember is to pre-buff yourself with a couple of skills and then perform the damaging skills.

Performing the prebuff skills is absolutely important as it gives you huge attack speed and damage bonus.

PENDULUM CLEAVER (PREBUFF) Has attack speed buff , and WP recovery on hit which is helpful to start the combo loop again.
DISMEMBERMENT (PREBUFF) Has attack damage buff
SALP'URI PURGE One of the main DP debuffs and has good damage plus 100% Crit rate
SACRED DANCE OF SOULS (skill enhancement) Substitute for Salp'uri Purge as it has a bit high Cool Down.
mainly used for its DP Debuff.
ABSOLUTE : PENDULUM KICK Do not forget to take the Absolute version as its way more smoother to follow on to the next skill
CYMBIDIUM One of the main damage skills , has high amount of hits and high crit rate.
BLOOMING NETHER FLOWER One of the best damaging skills in the game , fast animation + mobility and huge amount of hits.
BLADE DANCE Good amount of hits and damage , can be used to clear left over mobs

Succession deals insane amount of damage , so by the time you use these skills , the mobs would already have died.
One of the things succ lahn kind of struggles with is the pack to pack mobility , it doesnt have the ease of awakening forward dashes.
You can use Side dodges or Prime: Furious Chase (Press LMB for extra attacks)
You can also use the Rebam skill ' Eyes of Blood ' for pack to pack movement.

That is pretty much it for Lahn skill rotations and addons.
See you in the next one.



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