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Some Succession Sorc skill cancel ideas
Sep 9, 2022, 12:07 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Sep 14, 2022, 02:36 (UTC+8)
# 1

Family Name: LightningSF

Region(NA/EU): SEA

Class(Awakening/Succession): Sorceress Succession

Suggestion: Some Skill Cancel Ideas and PVP improvements

Shadow Eruption Overlap with Crow Flare Claws of Darkness cancel

Prime: Claws of Darkness and Ultimate: Shadow Eruption activates on same input after Prime: Crow Flare(E > W+LMB). 

To fix this overlap,
Remove Prime: Crow Flare > Ultimate: Shadow Eruption cancel and instead add Prime: Claws of Darkness last hit > Ultimate: Shadow Eruption cancel.

This way the Cancel can be like this - Prime: Crow Flare > Prime: Claws of Darkness > Ultimate: Shadow Eruption.

This one change will add more combos when using Claws after Prime: Rushing Crow and Prime: Midnight Stinger.

Ultimate: Dark Flame cancel with Prime: Rushing Crow

Prime: Rushing crow is succ sorcs only protected dash. But the problem is the dash ends with a slow unprotected attack. If there are any obstacles getting in the way, the dash cancels and the attack animation starts making the skill very risky and unpredictable in PVP scenarios.
Also, there are no cancels for Ultimate: Dark Flame like Ultimate: Shadow Eruption. The slow animation after Dark Flame makes it an underused skill.

So here is an idea,

When pressed W + RMB, only the dash will activate with no attack afterwards 
If pressed RMB while in dash then use the attack
If pressed LMB while in dash then activate Ultimate: Dark Flame

Storming Crow activation with different key input from Night Crow

Storming Crow and Crow Food has become a substitute for one another for most of the players. Both have their uses but same input command is problematic for ease of use. Changing the input command for Storming Crow will solve this.

Instead of Shift + Direction change the input to LMB + Direction

Dark Backstep Cancels

Dark Backstep is a great but underused skill. Adding cancels with ranged attacks will make this skill a great choice for disengaging and kiting.
Cancel with Prime: Bloody Calamity last attack
Cancel with Absolute and Prime: Dream of Doom
Cancel with Absolute and Prime: Abyssal Flame

Cancel with Prime: Rushing Crow

Prime: Bloody Calamity Cancels

Cancel with Prime: Claws of Darkness last hit
Cancel with Prime: Black Wave last hit

PVP improvements from my personal experience in every aspects(1v1, 1vX, XvX)

From my personal pvp experience PVP damage needs serious adjustments, some of the skills PVP damage reduction is too high.

Skill Name Before After
Prime: Black Wave 63% 55%
Prime: Bloody Calamity 73% 65%
Prime: Claws of Darkness 60% 40%
Prime: Dark Flame 78.1% 60%
Prime: Crow Flare 44.3% 30%
Prime: Shadow Eruption 60% 45%
Prime: Turn-back Slash 51.8% 45%
Prime: Violation 74.1%, Last Hit 67% 58%, Last Hit 58%

Add SA to some skills, the class has very low number of SAs and is very susceptible to side/back attacks. Prime: Midnight Stinger & Prime: Turn-back Slash are good candidates.

Add a new skill like every other classes that got one in the reboot. A protected movement or a protected ranged attack is recommended.

Remove no stamina regen during Prime: Violation.

Complete rework of Mark of The Shadow, Signs of Agony, Sinister Omen and Bloody Contract. Absolutely minor or no use in PVP thus making succession kit very limited.

Remove Absolute Darkness and add it's -DP debuff to Prime and Absolute Black Wave. It has no use apart from the debuff.


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