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[SEA][AutumnBall] Homesick Elf
Sep 18, 2022, 23:06 (UTC+8)
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# 1

" Chilly wind blow ...Fallen golden leaves..."
" Remind me a picture of bitter memories... as the Kamasylve Sacred Tree burnt that day"

It's been a long time since I left Kamasylvia... have been traveled around the world, cross the mountains and seas,  trying to searching and punish the evil that destroying our home, divided and corrupted mind of the sisters.

Many seasons I've been through. But...seeing this people, this images and the feel when autumn came... remind me of home.



I miss it so much...


I can only read books about and see the picture of it to treat my home sickness.

I wonder if trees here have been blessing by God / Godess too ? they have unique and beautiful color that will change every season, now it looks like golden forest  when the Sun's down


But my journey still not end... I have to fulfill my duty as Wing of Kamasyvia.


Till that day come, I'll put my faith into my arrows, let it pierce the sky, strike into the heart of evil...

And let wind of autumn carry me home...

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Shooo >=O

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# 4

Beautiful Q_Q