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InvictuS - XL GuildMission oriented recruiting
Sep 22, 2022, 16:03
26 1
Last Edit : Sep 22, 2022, 22:55
# 1

- InvictuS -

Interntional XL Chilling Guild

Around 10 Slot

- Daily Max 5M payout 

- Weekly additional payout from min [40M~300M] to [300M~450M]) . Only need to be online or Doing 1 or 2 Guild Mission


- No Gear Score requirement

- Discord is not required but it would be nice to have! (Come hang out with us!)

- Chilling online at least 3 night (Chat / AFK ok). You getting less than 30m weekly mail on other guild? come join us, we pay more.
- PM Officer: MXHUNTER, Linked. Yggrasil. ChaSarmiento

Who we looking for

- Guild Mission Taker: Who take Guild mission (But we finish it within 12 hour after 0000). We also looking for 2nd guild who cant finish GQ to merge with us.

- Chilling member: Who online chilling, optional parting and share our payout.

- New Player that actively chilling but finding best payout guild. here it is. (Also new player that want to learn method of grinding silver)

How to Join A Guild when not reply:
1. Press G
2. Choose Guild Types (Combat/Life/Sail/Adventure) [Example: Choose Life]
3. Find or Type a Guild Name that you want to apply [Example: type "InvictuS' on search bar]
4. Click 'Join Guild', then press OK