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Archeologist Map Guide
Sep 25, 2022, 02:03 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Sep 25, 2022, 02:03 (UTC+8)
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Hello Adventurers,
Its Donezo here with another guide. And this time we are gonna be talking about Archeologist Map. Since I just recently Completed My Map grind 

I am here to share some of the information regarding the Grind.

The Archaeologist’s Map allows you to teleport to any town and back to your location. Simply right-click the item to use it.

Obtaining The Map Pieces

You have to obtain 4 types of Map Pieces to combine it into a Archeologist Map

Ther 4 Map pieces can be obtained in 2 different Grind Zones

1.  Roud Sulfur Mine

2. Pila Ku Jail

Each spot consists of 2 Unknown Map pieces 

In sulfur the Mobs that will drop the pieces are Lava Devourer and Lava Tukar 

While In Pila Ku the Mobs are Sordid deportee and Iron Fist Warder

The Map of Unknown Piece Dropped from all 4 different Mobs will look exactly the same like the above Image given,
To Find out or Reveal the Map Type of Map piece you would have to go talk to a NPC in Caphras cave 

PS : image taken from BDFoundry

Combining the Archeologist Map

After obtaining the 4 Map piece by grinding the 2 Mentions Grind Zones You can Exchange the Unknown Pieces to gain Knowledge

You also need 4 types of Gems to combine the Archelogist Map

1. Blood ruby

2. Ocean Sapphire

3. Gold Topaz

4. Forest Emerald.

After Obtaining all the 8 Materials You can Place them in the above mentioned Format to Combine the Archeologist Map

After Completing the Combining of the Archeologist if you want to claim the extra rewards such as the title and the furniture for Archeologist Map.
You can go to Crows nest island and talk to Patrigio for a small Quest and claim the rewards.

Thats It for this guide. 

Good luck with your RNG on this treasure grind Adventurers

Thank you 


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