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Ornette's Spirit Essence
Nov 25, 2022, 04:40 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Nov 25, 2022, 04:40 (UTC+8)
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Hello Adventurers,
ItsDonezo here with another guide,continuiuing in the theme with another treasure item. This time with In my opinion the most important and 

essential tresure item in Ornette's spirit essence (Infinite HP Potion). 

Rare drops

For Ornette's spirit essence there are 3 rare drops which you have to obtain via grinding 

1. Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak (Blood wolves settlement)

2. Sherekhan's Panacea (Sherekhan Necropolis)

3, Ron's Tintinnabulam (Ronaras)

The rare drops can be whole item drops or you can also get 100 pity pieces of each item to combine one full rare drop

  • Blood Wolf’s Oath x100 + Crimson Breath of Resentment x1 = Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak x1
  • Dragon’s Fang x100 + Dragon’s Roar x1 = Sherekhan’s Panacea x1
  • Tranquil Tinniolum x100 + Forest’s Whisper x1 = Ron’s Tintinnabulum x1

Infinite Potion Weekly Quests

There are six weekly quests from which you can obtain 5 pity drops.

Infinite Potion quests reset every Thursday after midnight.

You can select and complete only one of the six weekly quests per week from Node Management NPCs located in each region.

Make sure the “Combat” quest type is selected inside the Quests (O) window.

After Obtaining all the rare drops For the infinite HP pot you need 2 more additional items to combine the Potion

Thats it for this guide 

Good luck grinding for your Ornette's Spirit Essence 

Thank you.


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