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Small changes and big updates
Dec 20, 2022, 02:24 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Jan 16, 2023, 00:27 (UTC+8)
# 1

I will always editing it and upgrading. When something comes to my mind.

Harpooning, Small ships, Underwater content...

Can u please add auto harpooning like is fishing. I hate this mini game. Next add please small ships for the harpooning and hunting which is possible repair, restoring rations like big ships. We not have normal ships for the fishing, harpooning, hunting. Add possibility repairing harpoons, matchlock directly on the ships. We need more sea and ocean content. Like more harpooning, hunting in sea, possible get sea coins with something else like only bartering. Increase chance to get Sperm Whale. I already destroyed 12 Thick Harpoons. Is really annoying doing harpooning mini game over and over. Add underwater content small submarines, possible killing mobs underwater. Gathering be using submarine. Possibility repair, restoring rations this small submarines.

Quest window

Add history all finished quests and possibility searching in finished quests for every character individually. ,,I dont remember, when I finished 9k quests and I need finish any quests line for the trigger next quests line is it really annoying still searchich on BDOcodex which quest is finished and which not."

Trading content

Add easy daily and weekly trading quests for the exping trading. Is really annoying doing trading with low lvl. You need trading for the finish adventure log.


Add possible collecting Barley near the Heidel, nodes Moretti Plantation and Lynch Farm Ruins. Next near the Calpheon, nodes Dias Farm, Northern Wheat Plantation, Falres Dirt Farm. On this places are nice plantation but is not possible collecting barley like is showed on the BDOcodex. So I think should be added it. On the BDOciódex is also showed Wheat also the same like barley none wheat near the Heidel and Calpehon. What is that on BDOcodex only troll? Gathering system should be completely redesigned. I have normaly trouble find barley and wheat. On the BDOcodex only fake locations. Then are absolutely useless all plantation in bdo if is not possible gathering there.


Add possible giving every NPC gifts, for the 100+ amity. Because is very difficult get back negative amity. When u have -1k or more and only with wave u can gat 3 amity back what is the nonsence. So u need a lot of Energy. But not with using energy. I mean gifts.


I have no idea why ships use Stamina for the accelerations? Ships have own Rations. Also Tamer Heilang he have own LIfespan the why use stamina I have no idea. Same when u swimming in underwater. Or u can add Stamina potions which should be possible ussing over and over like Ornette's Spirit Essence HP and MP potion. Is it really anothying when u lost stamina underwather and u swim slowly with the Da-Dum Da-Dum Divinig Hat/Suit, really stupid. Also add possiblity using potions, meal underwather, becouse is it not possible.

Grinding zones Elvia

Please add more grinding zones in Balenos Territory Goblins and Cron Castle. Next in Calpheon Territory Mask Owl's Forest, Khuruto, Karanda Ridge, Refugee Camp, Bree Tree Ruins, Carfishman Camp, Mansha Forest, Trent Forest, Marni's Lab, Keplan Mine. Is there a lot of place for the all this Elvia zones.

Automat and Filter

Add possiblility automatic selling trash loot and useless items, filter for that in inventory and storage. Same like is possible sell items in storage but add button to automatic and filter for that in storage and inventory.

Potions and Meal, opening boxes, dicies...

Make possibility using Potions, Meal, dicies, opening boxes Underwater, when you Alcheming, Cooking, Processing. because is not possible.

New Zones

Add canyons zone above the Valencia Territory or under the Mediah Territory. When u will add big new Winter Region then add also bartering Islands under the region. Winter Islands, icebergs, winter sea, snowing in that area. Winter monsters in sea. Possibility destroying icebergs only with Sailboats. Possibility running at the icebergs with the characters. 

Faster leveling Dream and Mythical Horses, new Mounts

Add Potions to faster leveling Dream and Mythical Horses. Add small flying mounts. Small flying dragons, So u can add in winter are possible tame small flying dragongs.


Auto fishing for the winter fishing on the icebergs.

T10 Dine Fix

Please fix T10 Dine running on the water. This is so stupid when I want running and I must jumping because the water bar is so stupid and too low only for the jumping at the water.

Lithings Options

Like the Sun, Moon, Loot lighting effect. Add possible reduce the lighting in settings or reduce the lighting that on the Remaster Mode!

Remove this stupid shadow.



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