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[Wizard] Walvisra the Green
Jan 26, 2023, 22:37 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Jan 30, 2023, 14:48 (UTC+8)
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This is my Wizard. His name is Walvisra. Used to name him Valsra, but I changed it. I tried to make him look different than the base Wizard preset. The result is satisfying enough for me. Spent hours on it, perhaps more time than I spent with other presets. Changed the facial shapes gradually over time. As for "the Green" in the title, most of his outfits has green dyes, though that's only when I have Value Pack. His lore made him a "Lord Red", but my favorite color is green, so screw it. His character lore... probably I'll just use original Wizard lore, but with added twist that he's not Caucasian, or whatever the BDO equivalent for one. Oh, and he's a casanova wannabe. I dunno, I just think it'll be funny. 

Been maining him since I made him. Though that doesn't translate to skill, PvE or PvP. Whatever, as long as I'm having fun with him. He's also the first character that I completed most of the main quests with. I also usually use him for events. That is, unless the event involves fishing, since I tagged my Guardian to my Wizard. She's the first character I made, but that's a story for another day. 

I remember he's the first character that I used to go to Vell. Admittedly, during the first journey, I accidentally jumped from the ship due to lag and ended up missing Vell, but hey, it's the thought that counts. Most of the World Bosses, my first encounters with them was when I'm using my Wizard. I also used to do all of my lifeskills with him. In a way, that makes him a generalist when it comes to lifeskills. I'm planning to distribute lifeskills to all other characters I have, but unless I have to, I won't use Life Skill EXP Transfer Coupon. 

Here are the photos I took with him, some with remastered graphics settings, some with medium graphics settings. 

These ones are the earlier pictures of him: 

These ones are the more recent pictures of him:

Really looking forward to recreating him when the posture change goes live. I won't lie, I'll miss Wizard's scrawny body type. Makes him different, more distinct, compared to other male characters. And fits his lore more because, well, unlike Sage, who is an Ancient, Wizard is from another realm, and was completely focused on his studies before ending up in Black Desert continent. 


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