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[Wizard] NenshoKai, my new main!
Jan 30, 2023, 21:24 (UTC+8)
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Last Edit : Jan 30, 2023, 21:36 (UTC+8)
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Introducing my new main as I was a 2020 returnee, just recently came back to have some casual funsies again! Was initially an Archer main but due to my right wrist constantly hurting when overstressed, had to opt for an easier class. 

(TADA!! 1st pic of my Wiz’s initial look~)

Such coincidence that Nensho Kai is 1 of my OC's I had years back. "A blackmage cursed with the power of the dragon" and it fits perfectly! 😄


Wizard has made my life so much easier in BDO content (and fun too with dem big BOOMMM skills)! Still remembered almost dying to Red Nose during the start of MQ and afterwards staring at my character for a good minute before I started cracking so hard;


"Damn, I really suck in this game… xD"


But that did not stop me! After power leveling to LV61 (with more deaths along the way 😛), I’d decided to venture into LIFESKILL! Yes not PVP, not GS, but LIFESKILL for now... 😂


It was so horrible at the start, (because seriously, I had no one to teach me except GOOGLE. But after joining my current guild, (thank you Kaship ♥️) it went pretty well. The effort is finally paying off eventhough I was hoping for more silver rewards from lifeskilling *winks at PA* but it has been super fun nonetheless!

Venturing from:

- Using my Bartali Sailboat to kill Hungry Sea Monsters (which clearly didn't end well),

- AFK training horses to end up with "questionable stats/skills" (*sad rng noises*),

- Farming which takes forever to grow (just me being impatient) and many more!

All these have given me so much fun aside from combat alone. Besides, my wrist isn't hurting at all and I’m happy about it!

(5/Jan - Bought my 1st Doom, and immediately became my fav! 😀)

(*insert humble flex - say hello to my 5FSs peggy couple! ♥️)

(28/Jan - The day I'd finally gotten my Epheria Sailboat, say no more to Bartali Sailboat!!)

(Fishing alone…hello darkness my old friend…)

In terms of combat? Don't really do much grinding but I do use a lot of "Healing Aura" and "Healing Lighthouse," literally the only 2 skill names that I remember. 😂

Jokes aside, Wiz grinding is a lot easier compared to other classes that I’d used and I have no regrets going Wiz.

(...I tried 😂)

2/Feb marks my 1st month from returning to BDO so I'm definitely looking forward to more fun/interesting ventures with my Wiz! 

As for the new Wiz pose update, he desperately needs it and I’m excited for it! Hopefully no more old man body and saying hello to hawt muscley Wiz~ 😉

(More Wiz pics with his curent hairstyle~)

(Ending the post with this! 😊)


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