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I was curious on where a node for rough stones would be for workers. I tried looking around both in the game and looking things up online and have only found old posts from 6-7 years ago of people not sure if there is one or not. I want to use it to try to get my workers up and running, but I am at a stand still because of it.

Dec 21, 2022 (UTC+8)

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There is no node for rough stone directly. You have to either self gather it or buy it from the central market.
You need a pickaxe to self gather.

The best place to gather Rough Stone is at Pilgrim's Haven. But if you do not need very large quantities you can gather it near cron castle/velia region and at the stream of water between mediah and Serendia.

Dec 23, 2022 (UTC+8)

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