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Updates Aug 25, 2021, 10:00 (UTC+8) August 25, 2021 (Wed) Update Details


Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on August 25, 2021.

(Patch size: approx. 863.21 MB)


※ Please read below for details.

Revisions to the August 25 Update Details

[ Item ]


● Improved the item descriptions of loot items, quest items, summoning items, and key items that requires you to uncheck "Auto Arrange" to show it clearer by coloring the text.
Last updated: 9/6 17:20 (GMT+8)



Event 1. New/Returning Adventurers, We’ve Been Waiting For You!

Event Period

- August 25, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - October 13, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 2. Special Package Sale! 

Event Period

- August 25, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – September 1, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 3. Choose Your Own Attendance Rewards!

Event Period

- August 26, 2021 (Thu) 00:00 - September 29, 2021 (Wed) 23:59

[More details]


Event 4. World Boss Grand Slam 

Event Period

- August 25, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – September 8, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 5. Good Bye Summer, Hello 24-Hour EXP Time!

Event Period

- August 25, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – September 8, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]



● Changed the colors displayed on the minimap for your own team and guild members in the Red Battlefield.
- Whether they be of the same guild or not, the way your own team members are displayed on the minimap was changed as follows:
- If Color Vision Aid has been turned on, the icons will be displayed in blue on the minimap.
Own Team Other Team
White Red
We changed how the minimap displayed your team versus the opposing team to better distinguish friend from foe in the Red Battlefield. Previously it was hard to tell your team apart from the opposing team, especially when your own guild members were in the same battlefield as well, so we hope this change will clear things up.

The Savage Rift and Altar of Blood contents are preparing to undergo a renewal, so they will be temporarily unavailable. We will deliver the news regarding their release as soon as we can.
● The following quests will no longer be available due to the changes to the aforementioned content:
- The following quests are no longer available due to the changes to the Savage Rift:

- [Repeat] Face the Endless Army

- Darkness between Rocks

- Document Hidden By Cultists

- Black Seal

- Trace of the Fallen Kingdom

- The Last Prophecy

- Shadow upon Iliya Island

- Difficulties of Vigilantes

- Do-Or-Die Resistance

- Invasion from Above

- Shadow behind the Rift

- Black Ambition

- The following quests are no longer available due to the changes to the Altar of Blood:

- [Altar of Blood] Yaz and the Mountain of Sanctity

- [Altar of Blood] Edan's Whereabouts

- [Altar of Blood] Grave of the Ancient Relic

- [Altar of Blood] Gem of Balance

- [Altar of Blood] The Long Road Back...

- [Altar of Blood] Secret Chamber of Hasrah

- [Altar of Blood] End of the Border

● "[Lv. 56] The Altar of Blood at Star's End" will no longer be available from the Quest (O) - Suggested tab.
● Changed the objective for "Into the Abyss," the final chapter of Caphras' Journal Vol. 4, as follows:
Before After
Prepare to enter the Altar of Blood;
(Obtain knowledge via the Altar of Blood entry quest)
Speak with the Ahib guarding the Altar of Blood
● Changed the completion requirements for "[Autumn Season] Grad. Support - Fughar's Secrets to Success Chapter 18: Those Savages" due to the Savage Rift being closed temporarily.
Before  After
Talk to the NPC after entering the Savage Rift Hear about the Savage Rift from Croix, the wharf manager of Velia
● Removed Altar of Blood, Savage Rift, and Altar of Blood Ranking from ESC - (New) Menu.


● Changed the means of receiving the Ancient Spirits' power so that now you can obtain it through a buff instead of a weapon on the Elvia Realm server.
- Now you can interact with the Ancient Spirits Okiara, Narc, Valtarra and select the type of weapon (Main or Awakening) you wish to buff. However, the duration remains the same as before.
- Acquiring the spirits' buffs in the following circumstances will refresh the previous buff:
- Upon opening a box of an Elvia Realm spirit buff (previously contained an Elvia Realm spirit weapon)
- Upon interacting with a spirit to reobtain the spirit buff while a main/awakening weapon spirit buff is already active
Okiara, Narc, and Valtarra will now bestow their power as buffs rather than weapons in Elvia Realm Combat Zones. We applied this quality-of-life improvement as soon as we could after some internal discussion arose from your feedback. We're also looking into improving the way you exchange weapons (with other weapons and items such as matchlocks), but this is an area we have to be careful of conflicting with other content, so we will be taking our time with implementing this update.
● Characters can now Sprint while using Auto-Run.
- The "Set Auto-sprint" prompt will appear near the stamina UI when moving right after setting a navigation path when dismounted or carrying trade items, or when "Set Looped Auto-Path" or "Auto Run" is used.
- Ticking the box will make your character Sprint when you have enough Stamina while moving on the set path or towards the direction of where the camera is facing.
Auto Run was used when traveling on foot for certain distances, but Sprint was somewhat inconvenient as it required you to repeatedly hold down the Shift key. Thus, in light of the "BreezySail" update we applied to ship auto-navigation, we decided to implement a similar function for characters to use Sprint while using Auto Run. We will continue to look for ways to improve movement in the game.


● Improved the face and skin types offered during Character Creation and in the Customization (F4) window.
- The following three face types saw improvements made to their skin textures and can be found in Character Creation or Customization (F4) - Face - Face Type.
Face Type - Before Face Type - After

▲ Face Type 1 - Before

▲ Face Type 1 - After

▲ Face Type 2 - Before

▲ Face Type 2 - After

▲ Face Type 3 - Before

▲ Face Type 3 - After

- The following skin type was improved and can be found in Character Creation or Customization (F4) - Face - Skin.
Skin Type - Before
Skin Type - After
● Fuse Gravity - Reduced the recovery of Star's Breath from 10% to 5% per scattered star when using the skill.
● Twisted Orbit, Accel: Twisted Orbit - Changed the consumable resource for the skills to the following:
Before  After 
Consumes 30 SP upon using skill

Consumes 50 Stamina upon using skill,

100 Stamina upon using skill during cooldown

Adjustments were made to parts of Nova’s performance. Previously, you could move freely even with a relatively low level of stamina thanks to the stamina recovery effect of Swooping Ring, and using certain skill movements consumed no stamina, especially in Awakening state. This would only serve to make you strong while in Accel mode for PvP, This served the purpose of providing an enhanced utility by alleviating the restrictions for using many skills as an improvement to your character being strong in PvP only in Accel mode in the initial stages of awakening. However, additional updates including improvements made on skill combos for many skills made it more powerful than we initially aimed for even when you were not in Accel mode Thinking that it was necessary to make a small adjustment, the consumable resource for “Twisted Orbit” was changed from SP to Stamina so that it can be used more carefully. Additionally, one of the major awakening skills in a PvP setting, “Star’s Ring,” already performs powerfully on its own in a majority of battles. However, the skill combo with other skills such as “En Garde” seemed too excessive with the amount of recovery for Star’s Breath through “Fuse Gravity.” Thus, the amount of recovery for Star’s Breath through “Fuse Gravity” was adjusted to 5%.
● Added the text, "Can be used with kibelius" in the skill description for the following skills:
- Gravity Rift, Void Gateways, Illusion Expansion, Spatial Collapse, Ator's Energy, Realm of Anguish, Reset
● Form Shift - Removed the Critical Hit Rate effect.
● Lightning Prison - Changed the skill's Critical Hit Rate effect to only be applied for PvE.
● Bolt - Changed so that your character will no longer disappear and changed the Invincible effect to the Super Armor effect.
● Lightning Prison and Flow: Interrogate - Fixed the issue where the skill effect would be applied at a height higher than that at which it is normally applied.
● Black Spirit: Ator's Energy - Fixed the issue where the skill couldn't be used.
● Black Spirit: Flow: Interrogate - Fixed the issue where the extra damage effect wouldn't be applied with the spirit weapon.
There were adjustments made to the performance of awakened Sages in addition to awakened Novas. First of all, using "Bolt" would make your character Invincible and disappear from sight, then proceed to attack right away with another skill to overcome your enemy. These features were relatively too powerful. Accordingly, adjustments were made so that your character will no longer disappear when using "Bolt," and changed the Invincible effect to a Super Armor effect. Additionally, the Critical Hit Rate +100% effect was deemed too advantageous in a multi-versus-multi battle, so the effect was removed. It was completely removed because you can still maintain a quite high level through remaining buffs or skill add-ons.
● Extended the Black Spirit's Rage to also be usable for Close Quarters: High Spirits, Close Quarters: Charge, and Ocean's Allure.
- Added Black Spirit: Close Quarters: High Spirits, Black Spirit: Close Quarters: Charge, and Black Spirit: Ocean's Allure to the Skill (K) window.
- Each skill can be used by typing in an extra key depending on the situation when Black Spirit's Rage is at 10%< 25%, or 50%, and can be controlled more dynamically.
- You can get special bonuses such as an increased number of hits or an increased casting speed when using each skill.
● Flow: Whirlpool - Fixed the issue where a stun icon would not appear on the Skill (K) window.
● Wave-breaker Patraca - Fixed the issue where your character's appearance would appear abnormal when using the skill during cooldown after using Smooth Sailin'.
● Spare No Quarter! - Fixed the issue where Wave-breaker Patraca would be put into effect when using the skill while using Close Quarters: Suppress.
● Wave-breaker Patraca - Changed the effects of the skill.
▲ Before ▲ After
● Ocean's Allure - Changed the attack range to be proper for the skill effect.
● Ocean's Allure - Improved the pull effect upon hit to pull in the direction of the adventurer.
● Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire! - Fixed the issue where the accuracy reduction effect of the skill would not be applied.


● Separated the gloves and shoes that were equipped along with the [Nova] Sephia Armor.
- Accordingly, you can now obtain a separate pair of gloves and shoes when you open the outfit box that included the [Nova] Sephia Armor.
● Changed the boxes from which you could obtain Elvia Spirit weapons to boxes from which you can obtain buffs, as each spirit of the Elvia Realm provides buff effects.
● Changed to display a global alert when obtaining a Specter's Gaze from the Ash Forest.
● Changed the Marine Romance Gloves icon for Berserkers and Hashashins.
● Changed the Monsterbane Cannon to only be able to be assembled at Oquilla's Eye through a [Guild] Monsterbane Cannon Assembly Kit.
● Removed the Hadum-related text from the Mirror of Equilibrium.
● Added the following text to regular outfit sets and single items for each class:
- Equipping parts of this outfit with those of other outfits may overlap their appearances.
● Improved the item descriptions of loot items, quest items, summoning items, and key items that requires you to uncheck "Auto Arrange" to show it clearer by coloring the text.
Last updated: 9/6 17:20 (GMT+8)


● Liberated Kagtum Prisoners will no longer attack your character's summons.
● The rare hunting monster Hawk has begun to drop feathers at the spot where it lands when it falls from the sky.
- Successfully hunting down the Hawk will grant you a small amount of Supreme Lightweight Plumes.
● Fixed the issue where Saunil Siege Captain summoned at the dark rift wouldn't return to its original position after leaving its combat range.


● Improved to allow a character that has not yet done the Atoraxxion main questline to be able to enter Atoraxxion through the Ancient Stone Chamber Sol Magia NPC upon completion of the quest, "[Atoraxxion] Vaha's Time Capsule" that can be accepted once per family during the Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea main quest.
- However, when your Sage is doing the awakening questline, parts of the secret path where the Sol Magia NPC located in the Ancient Stone Chamber could be closed, depending on how much of the questline has been done. Please note that the chamber will open again when you complete your Sage's awakening questline.
● Added a dialog to an NPC that guides you out of Vahmalkea when you Interact with an NPC in each area of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea. You can now know the location of the nearest NPC that guides you out of the area and into another by talking to the following NPCs:
Area NPC
Vaha's Sky Vaha's Sky - Sol Magia
Vaha's Storm Vaha's Storm - Sol Magia
Vaha's Heart Vaha's Heart - Sol Magia, Atoraxxion Exchange
Vaha's Head Vaha's Head - Sol Magia
Vaha's Garden Vaha's Garden - Sol Magia
Vaha's Paradise Vaha's Time Capsule
● The quest names and quest requirements of [Elvia] Burning Valtarra, [Elvia] Torrential Okiara, and [Elvia] Thunderous Narc were changed as each spirit of the Elvia Realm provides a buff effect.
- The changes made to the content of the quests are as the following:
Before  After  Quest Requirements After Change  Quest Objectives After Change
[Elvia] Burning Valtarra [Elvia] Young Ancient Spirits Complete [Elvia] A Friendly Face OR
[Elvia] War of Nerves
Meet a Young Ancient Spirit in the Elvia Realm
[Elvia] Torrential Okiara [Elvia] Blessing of the Ancient Spirits Complete [Elvia] Young Ancient Spirits Speak to Lejenti
[Elvia] Thunderous Narc [Elvia] Lejenti's Relief Complete [Elvia] Blessing of the Ancient Spirits Speak to Lejenti
● Fixed the description for the Suggested quest "Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer."
● Changed the main questline to no longer be selectable through Alustin via interaction while the crossroads quest window for choosing the simplified main questline is displayed.
● Changed Jordine to disappear at a more natural point during the quest "Confronting Jordine."
● Improved the start and end of the reminiscence dialog between Martha and Rafi that you can see after accepting the quest "[Atoraxxion] Too Adventurous" to appear more natural so that it feels like a reminiscence.
● Improved Yaz's movement of reading Martha's Journal to appear more natural in the quest dialog for "[Atoraxxion] Talibre's Tear."


● Increased damage by 10% when your horse inflicts hits on a wooden fence or a wooden fence gate with its mount skills during a Node/Conquest War.
● Increased damage by 10% when your guild elephant inflicts hits on a wooden fence or wooden fence gate with basic skills, Horn Attack, Charge Attack, Fore Chop during a Node/Conquest War.
● Changed to display info on the passengers mounted on an ogre or a troll in Conquest Wars.
● Changed the maximum number of Flame Towers you can construct from 3 to 2 in a Tier 4 Node War.
● Changed the maximum number of Elephant Nurseries you can construct from 2 to 1 in a Tier 4 Node War.
● Added the Flimsy Barricade and Flimsy Wooden Fence items to Node/Conquest Wars.
● Simplified all the annex-related items that are used in Node/Conquest Wars into one item.
- You can now build all annexes including Hwachas and Flame Towers with an "Annex Construction Tool."
- When you use this item, a new window opens where you can select an annex and choose what you want to build from the window.
- An annex suitable for your current level (Node Tier and so on) will automatically be displayed on the new UI.
- You can purchase an "Annex Construction Tool" from the Guild Military Supply Shop with 1,000,000 from the guild fund. Due to this, all the annex-related items in different tiers that were sold at the Guild Military Supply Shop were removed.
- When you construct your desired annex, the used Annex Construction Tool disappears. This item does not stack in your Inventory.
※ The following UI will be added so that you can use it on a Gamepad:
● Changed the selling price of all the annex-related items previously owned and used in Node/Conquest Wars to match the price you purchased them at.
- The actual item names of the changed annexes are as the following:
[Guild] Siege Defense Tower (Conquest War)
[Guild] Wooden Fence (Conquest War)
[Guild] Medium Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)
[Guild] Large Siege Tower Factory (Conquest War)
[Guild] Ballista Workshop (Conquest War)
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 1)
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 2)
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 3)
[Guild] Barricade (Tier 4)
[Guild] Barricade (Conquest War)
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 1)
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 2)
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 3)
[Guild] Recovery Center (Tier 4)
[Guild] Recovery Center (Conquest War)
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 1)
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 2)
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 3)
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Tier 4)
[Guild] Cannon Observatory (Conquest War)
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 1)
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 2)
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 3)
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Tier 4)
[Guild] Elephant Nursery (Conquest War)
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 1)
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 2)
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 3)
[Guild] Flame Tower (Tier 4)
[Guild] Flame Tower (Conquest War)
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 1)
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 2)
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 3)
[Guild] Hwacha (Tier 4)
[Guild] Hwacha (Conquest War)
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 1)
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 2)
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 3)
[Guild] Supply Depot (Tier 4)
[Guild] Supply Depot (Conquest War)
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 1)
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 2)
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 3)
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Tier 4)
[Guild] Wooden Fence Gate (Conquest War)
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 1)
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 2)
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 3)
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Tier 4)
[Guild] Indomitable Flag Factory (Conquest War)
[Guild] Flimsy Barricade (Tier 1)
[Guild] Flimsy Barricade (Tier 2)
[Guild] Flimsy Barricade (Tier 3)
[Guild] Flimsy Barricade (Tier 4)
[Guild] Flimsy Barricade (Conquest War)
[Guild] Flimsy Wooden Fence
● Changed the item description for all tiers of wooden fences, wooden fence gates, and barricades to read more naturally.

Now you can construct annexes of all types with just a single type of item. Previously, you had to prepare and store a different item for each level in the guild storage. Now, you can manage your items with a single "Annex Construction Tool" item. However, like the previous items, this item also is not stackable. We hope this update is meaningful to Adventurers who are preparing for Node and Conquest Wars.

Likewise, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the process of preparing for a Node War such as constructing annexes more conveniently and easily. Some of our Adventurers gave us ideas such as pre-set and remote installment, and we are currently going over these ideas. However, since it has not been decided yet, we will keep you updated through the Black Desert Global Lab once it is confirmed and at the final stage of development. Please keep providing us with your valuable opinions.

● You can receive rewards from your mailbox according to the results of the guild you served in as War Hero. You can do so once your contract expires after having participated in a Node/Conquest War as a War Hero, and if you have not yet claimed a participation reward.


● Added a Skill Filter to the Skill (K) window to make it easier to find skills with debuff effects and smash effects including Black Spirit skills, special skills, Stun, and Stiffness.
- Pressing the button on the upper left of the Skill List and selecting the type of Skill Filter will add an emphasizing effect on the skill.
● Added a description you can check when returning a fence.
● Improved the mouse cursor to make it easier to distinguish where the cursor will click.
● Added text that provides a guide on the function of each button when hovering your mouse over the Function button on the bottom left of the Beauty (F4) window.
● Changed the Edit History UI to open so that you can check your edit history when changing the settings after opening the Beauty (F4) window.
● Increased the size of the scroll buttons on the following UIs:
Open Storage
Quests (O)
Knowledge (H)
Guild Member Status
Maid/Butler List 
Node War/Conquest War Status
Central Market
Red Battlefield
Friend List (N)
Guild (G)
NPC Shop
● Added a notification to appear when attempting to switch to Awakening mode (C) without having equipped an awakening weapon while in Awakening state.
● Changed the number of search results displayed on the Search Filter/City list on the upper left of the World Map (M) from 6 to 8 results.
● Added, changed, and fixed the following found in the Friend List (N) UI:
- Added a description to the button for detaching the window on the Friend List (N) window.
- Added a notification to display when getting a new friend request from the Friend List (N) window.
- Added a description to the accept/reject buttons in the Friend Requests UI.
- Changed to add friends by inputting names depending on how viewing the character name/family name is set.
- Changed the main 1:1 Chat window to open when pressing the notification for messages from friends.
- Changed to display up to 3 notifications for 1:1 chats with friends.
- Fixed the issue where the Transfer/Party buttons would not be spaced properly when adjusting the size of the detached 1:1 Chat window.
- Fixed the issue where the scroll button would not work properly when adjusting the size of the detached 1:1 Chat window.
- Changed an animation to not appear for a notification when getting a message from the same friend.


● Improved the Chat window to work more efficiently.


● Fixed the issue where maximizing the Black Desert launcher after logging in and having minimized it would cause the official website button to appear abnormal.
● Added a filter to sort GM Notes by date posted and most recent.
● Adjusted the size of the looping cutscene on the official website.


● Fixed the issue where the tooltip for the icon on the upper right of the Guild Rank window would appear abnormally.
● Fixed the issue where certain backgrounds of the Oquilla's Eye would appear unnatural.
● Fixed the issue where the sound effects for the intro clip and Kzarka cut scene were still on after turning it off from the settings.
● Fixed the issue where the number of Marni's Stones would not refresh when setting the Marni's Stones on the Item Count window from which you can check the number of collected items such as loot or Marni's Stones.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't check the number of collected items from the Item Count window when using the Gamepad UI.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't instantly use an item as soon as it finishes its cooldown.
● Fixed the issue where the interaction to loot items off dead monsters would remain even after the monster was looted
● Fixed the issue where the UI appeared abnormal when opening Custom Settings from the Settings menu.
● Fixed the issue where you could meet the Black Spirit Pass requirements with a normal character.
● Fixed the issue where a description would not appear on the Reset button when searching on the Central Market sale tab.
● Fixed the issue where the effect when placing items to be combined in the Inventory (I) does not appear.
● Fixed the issue where attempting to accept Season Pass rewards without any empty slots in your inventory would make items appear abnormally.
● Fixed the typo on the description for the waiting time when changing servers.
● Fixed the issue where the tooltip would keep reappearing when hovering your mouse over the Obtain Black Spirit's Adventure button.
● Fixed the issue where changing the appearance of your Berserker's forehead after wearing [Event] Pirate Bandana would make it look unnatural.
● Fixed the issue where a scroll wouldn't appear when the description on the Guild Skill UI was long.
● Fixed the issue where the following outfit would appear abnormal in certain situations:
- [Hashashin] Marine Romance, [Sage] Marine Romance outfits
● Fixed the issue where a notification would be displayed to a guild member on another server when logging out in Privacy Mode.
Happy adventuring!