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GM Notes Mar 2, 2022, 10:00 (UTC+8) Introducing the Mountain of Eternal Winter Soundtrack

With the Mountain of Eternal Winter coming in April 2022, we wanted to give you a preview of its awe-inspiring original soundtrack! The soundtrack is composed of 36 tracks, which cover five different themes – all helping to immerse you in the new region as you play.



| Black Desert Soundtrack - IX. Eternal Winter - Part 1. Meditation |  

✦ Using tones of ethnic musical instruments and orchestra, we created a piece of unique-sounding music that embodies the warmth and tranquility of the Mountain of Eternal Winter's nomadic "Abets" and magical but friendly "Okjinsini" snow spirits. 



| Black Desert Soundtrack - IX. Eternal Winter - Part 2. Shamanic |  

✦ Part 2 of the Original Soundtrack was produced with ethnic musical instruments and primal voices at its core, evoking a spiritual atmosphere set in the sacred and shamanistic background of the Mountain of Eternal Winter's Abets tribe folk. 



| Black Desert Soundtrack - IX. Eternal Winter - Part 3. Dark Adventure |  

✦ Composed with deeper-pitched ethnic musical instruments and eerie sounds, Part 3 of the Original Soundtrack is filled with tension, making you feel like you are exploring the dark horrors hidden within the snow-covered Mountain of Eternal Winter. 



| Black Desert Soundtrack - IX. Eternal Winter – Part 4. Epic Adventure |  

✦ Part 4 is composed of tracks that embody an adventurer's journey towards overcoming the daunting Mountain of Eternal Winter. 



| Black Desert Soundtrack - IX. Eternal Winter - Part 5. Battle |  

✦ In stark contrast to the snow-white Mountain of Eternal Winter, Part 5 is composed of tracks that call upon the bloodstained battlefields of fearless warriors. 



After hearing from many Adventurers who were interested in Black Desert’s original soundtrack, we unveiled the PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel for everyone to enjoy the music that fills the vast and beautiful world of Black Desert! 


The PEARL ABYSS MUSIC is a channel created to allow anyone to easily listen to the game music created by Pearl Abyss on Youtube.  


We aim to present you with extraordinary wonders and unforgettable experiences. 



Official Youtube Channel 



And now, let’s meet the audio director himself, Hwiman Ryu!  


[Interview with Hwiman Ryu (Croove), Black Desert’s Audio Director]

GM Noah

Hello Director Hwiman! Thank you for joining us! 

The official PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel was opened recently, so we wanted to invite you for a short interview.  


Director Hwiman (CROOVE) 

Hello, I’m feeling a little bashful for suddenly appearing like this after hiding away since the “Florchestra Lessons” GM Note. Is an interview really okay?  


GM Noah

Don’t worry! It’s completely okay! 

Thank you again for joining us. Let’s dive right in. 


Q1. Even though there is already an official Black Desert channel, why was a separate PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel created? 



Director Hwiman (CROOVE) 

After the release of the Mountain of Eternal Winter on the Korean server, we unexpectedly saw requests from Adventurers worldwide asking for the soundtrack on Youtube, saying how good the music was. So, on January 11, we were thrilled to present the music of the Mountain of Eternal Winter on the official Black Desert Korea’s Youtube channel for the first time ever.  


But when we read the comments left on the video, we were deeply touched by just how many Adventurers worldwide asked us about presenting the music from Atoraxxion and O’dyllita as well. Thus, the PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel was born; as a way for us to present our soundtracks on one Youtube channel for everyone worldwide to enjoy together.  


GM Noah

Wow, so it was thanks to our Adventurers’ support that the PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel was born. That’s amazing! 


Now for our next questions.  

Q2. Some of the uploaded videos are “1 Hour” videos, what's the intention behind uploading 1 hour long videos? 



Director Hwiman (CROOVE) 

There has been a recent trend of listening to music on Youtube. Ever since a couple of years ago, I’ve seen many one, two, or even ten-hour music listening videos.  


Their titles range from “music to listen to while driving,” “music that makes you fall asleep in 5 minutes,” “loopy music for when you’re coding,” “cafe jazz music,” “XXX OST 1 hour,” and so on. Basically, such a video acts as a music compilation of a variety of themes into one “subject,” which is then repeatedly looped in the videos.


Nevertheless, I saw that quite a number of people were watching these kinds of long videos, with some videos even exceeding hundreds of millions of views. I even saw fans of Black Desert combining several songs into one theme, which was repeatedly looped for an hour or more, resulting in really well-produced videos.

And if you watch the older iterations of these videos, they were mostly presented with simple visuals such as cycling through illustrations and photos. Nowadays, however, they showcase actual visual imagery such as animated illustrations, and their video production even sometimes reaches art levels, meaning you need to use more than just your ears to fully appreciate them.


GM Noah

Rather than just having music, a high-quality video helps make a more immersive and powerful experience! 


Director Hwiman (CROOVE) 

Of these kinds of videos, there is one in particular that made me push forward with producing “1 Hour” videos.


It was a 1-hour video of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s soundtrack -- a legendary soundtrack in the game music genre. This video was not created by the game’s makers, but by a Youtuber who wonderfully captured the game’s scenes in their video.  


I couldn’t help but be impressed by this video, but I thought Black Desert’s graphics could make a much better one. So, I proposed that we should produce videos in this format rather than simply uploading music – and my proposal ended up being eventually accepted.  


Thus, we ended up uploading five different parts of the Mountain of Eternal Winter’s music in 1-hour videos.  


If you take a close at the titles, you’ll see descriptions of the video’s atmosphere. For example, Part 1 has the word “Meditation.” There are some keywords like “sleepy” as well, but those are hidden since we were a little embarrassed if we had them openly. For those insomniacs, how about giving Part 1 a try?  


And of course, please don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment! 


GM Noah

I listened to Part 1 and it was really soothing. 

I even subscribed and liked the video! ٩(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و  


 Q3. Can Adventurers use Black Desert’s music to produce content related to Black Desert? 

 (Events, etc.?) 


Director Hwiman (CROOVE) 

Even now, you are free to use Black Desert’s music to produce content related to Black Desert.  


However, we would be thankful if you can follow our guidelines regarding non-commercial use, clearly credit Pearl Abyss, and respect Pearl Abyss’s IP by avoiding the inclusion of any inappropriate content.  


I also believe it would be amazing if fans of Black Desert can use the music of Black Desert even in content that was unrelated to Black Desert, so I’m working to make this possible. It’s not 100% yet, but we’ll provide more details regarding our guidelines at a later date once everything is ready.

GM Noah

Q4. Oh, we’ve already reached our last question. 

Can you let us know what types of videos will be uploaded on the PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel? 



Director Hwiman (CROOVE) 

We’re getting ready to produce a variety of videos that will allow Adventurers to enjoy the music produced by Pearl Abyss. These videos can be divided as follows:  


First, music track videos that will be individually uploaded to allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks individually via Youtube or Youtube Music. Second, videos that contain concert scenes or cool moments. Third, behind-the-scenes videos of music/sounds produced by Pearl Abyss. And lastly, the 1-hour format videos.  


I’ll go more into depth the next time. Beyond what I’ve mentioned, I also would like to present other interesting videos or music that is produced by Pearl Abyss on the PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel.   


GM Noah

Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. 

We hope that answered some of your questions about the PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel!

That wraps up today’s interview. Make sure to stay tuned to the PEARL ABYSS MUSIC channel!
Until next time! ( ッ◕ ܫ◕)ッ'