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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Nov 23, 2022, 10:00 (UTC+8) November 23, 2022 (Wed) Update Details


Hello, Adventurers.


Here are the updates made to Black Desert on November 23, 2022.

(Patch size: approx. 1.79 GB)
- Please note that the update for Steam may be larger than the size listed above.


※ Please read below for details.



Event 1. Black Desert’s first twin classes! Sign up for updates!

Event Period

- November 22, 2022 (Thu) – December 14, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]

Event 2. Season Character Boost

Event Period

- November 23, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - December 6, 2022 (Tue) 23:59

[More details]

Event 3. Splendid Boxes & Splendid Seals

Event Period

- November 23, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - December 7, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]


Event 4. Black Friday Package Deals

Event Period

- November 23, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance - November 30, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance

[More details]



A Party Matching feature specific to Atoraxxion has been added. You can now use this exclusive feature to be matched with a party of other Adventurers queued for the dungeon. However, we have prioritized this feature to only be available for Normal difficulty for now so that Adventurers can grasp the dungeon's strategic gameplay before testing their mettle on Elvia difficulty. It's not a large feature, but we hope it will add greater convenience for those Adventurers seeking to challenge Atoraxxion.

◆ Added the Party Matching function to Atoraxxion.
◇ This feature is to help adventurers in Atoraxxion's 'Normal" difficulty find parties more efficiently.
◇ You can use the feature from the ESC Menu > Community (F9) > "Atoraxxion Party Matching," or by pressing the "Party Matching" button via ESC Menu > Community (F9) > Find Party/Platoon" UI menu.
◇ You will be taken UI menu where you can choose which region to be matched in by pressing the "Party Matching" button.
- Adventurers who selected the same region will be matched.
◇ Once matching begins, you will be added to a party in queue or form a new party.

- The Atoraxxion Party Matching function will match you with Adventurers in other servers as well. 
※ Your character has to have at least 220 AP and 270 DP for Atoraxxion party matching.

◆ You can now form parties and use party chat with Adventurers in other servers.
◇ Adventurers in other servers will be grayed out in the party UI and will display the name of their current server.
◇ Adventurers in a party that have disconnected or moved to the Character Selection screen will be displayed as "Offline".

◇ You cannot invite an Adventurer on another server by their Family name via the "/invite" command or via the "Party Invite" function in your Friends (N) list.




◆ Changed the following skills to now be lockable.
Class Skill
Warrior - Guard, Greatsword Defense
※ Locking the Guard skill will cancel your Guard after using Shield Charge, Upper Shield Strike, or Shield Tide.
Sorceress - Sinister Energy, Cartian's Protection
Ranger - Flow: Bypassing Wind, Extreme: Charging Wind, Penetrating Wind, Flow: Call from Sky, Flow: Air Explosion Shot
Berserker - Corpse Storm, Flow: Ancient Power
Tamer - Bolt Wave, Soaring Kick, Flow: Leap, Dark Gaoler, Prime: Roaring
Valkyrie - Prime: Shining Dash, Guard, Vindicta
※ Locking the Guard skill will cancel your Guard after using Shield Charge or Death Line Chase.
Musa - Retaliation Stance, Inferno Slash
Maehwa - Retaliation Stance, Full Moon Wall
Witch - Tectonic Block
Kunoichi, Ninja - Flow: Sky Stepping, Flow: Block Jump
※ Locking the Flow: Block Jump skill will switch your character's shortsword after Block Jump.
Kunoichi - Lunar Veil, Tendon Cutter, Kunai Block, Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone
Dark Knight - Dark Shadow, Phantasmal Snare, Prime: Nocturne
Striker - Enhanced: Mass Destruction
※ Locking the skill will only activate Mass Destruction with your gauntlet.
Shai - Go!
Guardian - Flow: Black Blood Eruption, Flow: Suppress, Rockslide I
- Locking Guard skills will cancel your Guard after using Sturdy Step or Foretold Encounter.
Nova - Fixed the issue where backward (↓) blocks wouldn't activate Quoratum's Protection if you had locked Quoratum's Protection.
Corsair - Flow: Dreamswirl

Main Weapon
Severing Thrust
◆ Fixed the issue where the skill's attack 1 sound effects didn't play when comboed from certain skills.


Main Weapon
Sinister Energy
◆ Added "← + RMB" and "→ + RMB" to the skill command description.

Prime: Midnight Stinger
◆ Fixed the issue of Prime: Midnight Stinger's description showing another effect being applied.


◆ Fixed the issue where converting to Succession via preset while idle with your celestial bo staff wouldn't work properly.


Main Weapon, Succession
Prime: Judgment of Light II
◆ Fixed the issue where the skill's Add-on effects wouldn't activate when comboed from Prime: Counter or Shield Chase.


Main Weapon
Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone
◆ Fixed the issue of not being able to register this skill to a Quick slot when locking Ninjutsu: Shadow Clone (I-Absolute)


Flow: Block Jump
◆ Fixed the issue where you couldn't switch to your shortsword after comboing from other skills if the skill was locked.


Main Weapon
Black Spirit: Meteor Shower
◆ Fixed the issue where characters Lv. 55 and below couldn't activate the skill.


Flailing Blades
Fixed the issue where the animation of throwing your crescent glaives appeared abnormal when holding RMB after the skill.

Flow: Mangler
Fixed the issue where the skill would perform one less hit when comboed from Bleeding Hearts.


◆ Fixed the issue where you would retain your sol and not switch to your florang when you used the skill with your sol.
◇ Using the skill while performing music will not cancel your performance.


Scornful Slash
◆ Fixed the issue where the skill's attack 2 did not activate if your Attack Speed was too high.


Main Weapon
Shadow Slicer
◆ Unified the skill's attack 2 attack area with the attack's largest attack area.



◆ Added background music to play inside the Magnus when proceeding with the Abyss One: The Magnus content.

[Solo] Atoraxxion
◆ Changed the following when proceeding with [Solo] Atoraxxion.
◇ You can now open the Knowledge (H) window during [Solo] Atoraxxion.
◇ You can now obtain Scrolls of Vaha and Syca's Records when you defeat the last bosses of [Solo] Vahmalkea and Sycrakea, respectively.
◇ Fixed the issue where entering a new area from another area too quickly after traveling through the Darkened Dawn would delay the activation of the new area.
- You can either wait until the new area finishes activating, or retrace your steps back to the Darkened Dawn and re-enter.
◇ Fixed the issue where you couldn't properly access your campsite's functions.
※ You can now use your campsite even after entering a "Cradle," where you will face the final boss of a biome, for [Solo] Atoraxxion.
◇ Fixed so you cannot move to Syca's Grave if you haven't defeated Berurah, the boss of Syca's Scale.
- If you have already defeated Berurah and obtained its loot, or have already completed the [Solo] quest, interact with the Berurah NPC in Syca's Eye to activate the next area.
◇ Added additional details pertaining to Solo mode to [Atoraxxion] Divided Path and [Atoraxxion] Blank quest summaries.

Atoraxxion: Yolunakea
◆ Changed the following when proceeding with Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.

Main Questline
◇ Installed additional medicine brewers for Yolu's Pupil: 2 → 5.
◇ Added more details to [Atoraxxion] Yolu's Spine quest objectives.
◇ Improved certain cutscenes played during [Atoraxxion] Something Fun and [Atoraxxion] Broken Ancient Weapon main quests.
◇ Improved the dialog when interacting with the Sol Magia in Protokea during the main questline.
◇ Added text to quest descriptions which mention that you no longer need to combine certain items in a particular order to continue proceeding through the Yolunakea main questline.

Yolu's Threads
◇ Improved the visuals while proceeding with the First Thread: Imperfect Lightstone.
◇ Improved the controls when interacting with Yolu's Archive from inside the mount while proceeding with the Third Thread: The Irreversible Thread.
◇ Improved your character's movements while proceeding with the Third Thread: The Irreversible Thread.
◇ Fixed the issue where you could send multiple documents at the same time while proceeding with the Third Thread: The Irreversible Thread.

Yolu's Cradle
◇ Fixed the issue where the Voidlight Dagger, the item used to enter the cradle, was removed if you exited Yolu's Cradle in Atoraxxion: Yolunakea without having interacted with the NPC prior.

Other Improvements and Changes
◇ Added the UPDATE tag next to Yolunakea when selecting the biome to enter for the Atoraxxion UI.
◇ Improved the interactions with the Sol Magia and Atoraxxion Exchange while inside the mount you can ride by using the Kyvelan Mission Statements.
◇ Changed the location to exchange Vaha's Power Stone: Krahtenn in Yolu's Spine.
- The navigation guide for Vaha's Power Stone: Krahtenn has been updated, along with additional text added to the item.
◇ Sebekaruk will now chase after you for far lesser distances in Yolu's Teeth.
◇ Fixed the issue where Keluos's HP would not be restored upon failing to deactivate the "Keluos" defense protocol of Yolu's Query.
◇ Fixed the issue where you couldn't interact with the following objects that granted you Knowledge entries.
- Transformed Stellagia, Trace of the Architect
◇ Fixed the issue where you could see the HP bars of Yolunakea monsters even without having learned their respective Knowledge entries.
◇ Fixed so you will no longer be moved to abnormal locations but to within Protokea upon using the Escape function in Protokea.

◆ Made the following changes to Yolu's Cradle in Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.
◇ Added effects to the symbols to make it easier to detect the Root of Creation.
◇ Changed so the "Heart of Creation's ecosystem at max energy" text doesn't display when Vrekahim appears.
◇ Changed the font color of the "Heart of Creation damage detected" text.
◇ Changed the buff effect of Yolu's Eye to now be displayed in the debuff window.
◇ Fixed the issue where the "How dare you! You thought you could leave this valley?" text would keep being displayed under certain circumstances.
◇ Fixed the issue where the "Absorption successful. Heart of Creation's ecosystem energy increased one level" text would display under certain circumstances.
◇ Fixed the issue where Yolu's voiceover would overlap under certain circumstances.

◆ Changed the following situations when fighting Impassioned Amarillos in Yolu's Cradle at Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.
◇ Changed Impassioned Amarillos to not perform lightning and flame attack simultaneously when its HP drops significantly.
◇ Changed the defense buff that you gain to apply properly when Impassioned Amarillos summons Sol Magia.
◇ Changed Impassioned Amarillos' self-destruct protocols to now activate approximately 5 seconds later than previously.
◇ Increased Syketurem's movement speed by 1.5x
◇ Fixed the issue where you could not get loot even if the dungeon was cleared, if you were unable to land a hit on Impassioned Amarillos in its last phase.
- You can now get the loot from Impassioned Amarillos in its last phase when you successfully land a hit on Heart of Creation or Tuntaros.

◆ You can now use Medical Kit when you are in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea and Atoraxxion: Sycrakea.
◇ However, you still cannot revive using the Witch and Wizard's skill, Resurrection.
◆ Discovered an Exchange in the entrance of each area in Atoraxxion.
◇ You can use the shop/repair/delete knowledge feature in the discovered Exchange the same way you would in Exchanges in other areas.
- Vahmalkea: Vaha's Sky
- Sycrakea: Syca's Scale
- Yolunakea: Yolu's Nail

◆ Added a dialog that allows you to immediately move to the Ancient Stone Chambers when you interact with Elribta's Door at Atoraxxion: Vaha/Syca/Yolu's Garden.
◇ You can immediately move to the Ancient Stone Chambers when you leave Vaha/Syca/Yolu's Paradise and return to Yolu's Garden.

▲ Elribta's Door located in Vaha's Garden

▲ Elribta's Door located in Syca's Garden

▲ Elribta's Door located in Yolu's Garden


◆ Adjusted the max price of the following 45 items in the Central Market:
PEN (V) Manos Clothes
Item Name Before After
PEN (V) Manos Trainer's Clothes
PEN (V) Manos Hunter's Clothes
PEN (V) Manos Sailor's Clothes
PEN (V) Manos Cook's Clothes
PEN (V) Manos Alchemist's Clothes
PEN (V) Manos Fisher's Clothes
PEN (V) Manos Gatherer's Clothes
PEN (V) Manos Craftsman's Clothes
30.4 billion Silver 60 billion Silver
PEN (V) Manos Accessory
Item Name Before After
PEN (V) Manos Necklace
PEN (V) Manos Earring
PEN (V) Manos Ring
PEN (V) Manos Belt
59 billion Silver 150 billion Silver
+9, +10 Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Earth/Wind/Sea
Item Name Before After
+9 Krogdalo's Champron
+9 Krogdalo's Barding
+9 Krogdalo's Saddle
+9 Krogdalo's Stirrups
+9 Krogdalo's Horseshoe
1.57 billion Silver 2.5 billion Silver
+10 Krogdalo's Champron
+10 Krogdalo's Barding
+10 Krogdalo's Saddle
+10 Krogdalo's Stirrups
+10 Krogdalo's Horseshoe
1.8 billion Silver 5 billion Silver
Certain Wagon Registration, Intermediate/Advanced Cooking Utensil/Alchemy Tool, Rebellious Spirit Crystal
Item Name Before After
Wagon Registration: Shabby Wagon
Wagon Registration: Strong Wagon
Wagon Registration: Farm Wagon
115,000 Silver
900,000 Silver
210,000 Silver
200,000 Silver
1,100,000 Silver
1,500,000 Silver
Intermediate Alchemy Tool
Advanced Alchemy Tool
Intermediate Cooking Utensil
Advanced Cooking Utensil
720,000 Silver
1,170,000 Silver
310,000 Silver
1,020,000 Silver
1,850,000 Silver
3,950,000 Silver
1,130,000 Silver
2,500,000 Silver
Rebellious Spirit Crystal 70,000,000 Silver 175,000,000 Silver
Granverre Horse Gear
◆ Adjusted the following max price of each enhancement level on the Central Market and unified the price for each Granverre Horse Gear piece.
Item Name Enhancement Level After
Granverre Feather Champron
Granverre Leather Barding
Granverre Leather Saddle
Granverre Leather Stirrups
Granverre Metal Horseshoe
93,500,000 Silver
96,500,000 Silver
103,000,000 Silver
113,000,000 Silver
128,000,000 Silver
154,000,000 Silver
186,000,000 Silver
240,000,000 Silver
500,000,000 Silver
1,500,000,000 Silver
2,500,000,000 Silver
Peridot Forest Path Wagon Part
◆ Adjusted the following max price of each enhancement level on the Central Market and unified the price for each Peridot Forest Path Wagon part.
Item Name Enhancement Level After
Forest Path Wagon Wheel
Forest Path Wagon Cover
Forest Path Wagon Flag
Forest Path Wagon Badge
401,000,000 Silver
412,000,000 Silver
433,000,000 Silver
468,000,000 Silver
525,000,000 Silver
615,000,000 Silver
725,000,000 Silver
915,000,000 Silver
1,220,000,000 Silver
2,000,000,000 Silver
3,000,000,000 Silver

◆ Separated [Tamer] Moonlight Faerie Gloves from the [Tamer] Moonlight Faerie Armor.
◇ Moonlight Faerie Gloves of outfits that could not be registered on the Central Market will also not be registerable.
◇ Added [Tamer] Moonlight Faerie Gloves to the outfit boxes that contain the [Berserker] Bractus Armor.
- Adventurers who had the [Tamer] Moonlight Faerie Armor in their possession will find the [Tamer] Moonlight Faerie Gloves in their storage in Heidel.
※ If your outfit's dyed settings appear different from before the update, please contact [Support] with a screenshot of your original dyed setting.

◆ Changed the Dried Cuttlefish item's icon.
◆ Added details on Mass Processing the Starlit Jade's Breath to its item description.
◆ Added the letter "P" to Daily Special rewards that are sent to your Inventory when claimed from the UI.
◆ Added details on how to use the Medical Kit to the item's description.



◆ Fixed the quest navigation for "[Atoraxxion] Unacceptable Imitation" to be more accurate.


◆ Fixed cutscenes to play properly even with the following UI loaded.
◇ Skills (K), Black Spirit (/), Pearl Shop (F3)


◆ Changed the activation status of the widget that appears when you RMB the Pet icon to be saved until you disconnect from the game.
◆ Changed the background video and music for the login and server selection screens.


◆ Changed the loading screen to now load the new class pre-registration screen.
◆ Fixed the issue of Florchestra's Contrabass, Handpan, and Marni's Instruments playing at a lower volume in Music Album compositions compared to other instruments.
◆ Fixed the issue where the Velocity of Florchestra Instruments in Music Album compositions were noticeably different compared to other instruments.


◆ Improved so that mail can be resent when items failed to be sent to your mail via Web Storage.
◆ Fixed an issue where the second line of the Adventurer's Guide search results would be indented.
◆ Added Oasis of Knowledge to be available on the website.


◆ Changed and unified the following terms in English:
◇ [Tamer] Karin Short Trinket → [Tamer] Karin Trinket
◇ [Event] Kamasylve Pot Deco → [Event] Kamasylve Pot Decoration
◇ Reset Guild Skills → Guild Skill Reset
◇ Atoraxxion Watch/Detection Device → Atoraxxion Safeguard
◇ [Ranger] Charles Rene Long Bow → [Ranger] Charles Rene Longbow

◆ Changed and unified the following terms in Indonesian:
◇ Griffon Kecil → Young Griffon
◇ Immature Griffon → Griffon Kecil
◇ Troll Hunting Poison → Racun Penangkap Troll
◇ Reed Basket → Keranjang Alang-alang
◇ Shabby Sculpture → Patung Usang


◆ Fixed the issue where the idle animation of the Bloody Dress/Suit appearance does not display for the following classes who equip the outfit and interact with a bed furniture item.
◇ Archer, Guardian, Hashashin, Nova, Sage, Corsair, Drakania
◆ Fixed the issue where setting to chat windows to be hidden wouldn't apply to each individual chat window for the Edit UI mode.
◆ Fixed the issue where getting hit by a Pull debuff would sometimes move your character to an abnormal location while battling in the Arena of Arsha.
◆ Fixed the issue where the exterior of the walls wouldn't display for certain resolutions for the "[The Magnus] Look Before You..." abyssal pocket.
◆ Fixed the issue where visual effects wouldn't display for certain resolutions for the "[The Magnus] Only Thing That Matters" abyssal pocket.
◆ Fixed the issue where scooping water was affected abnormally when your Gathering ability was at Lv. 4.
◆ Fixed the issue where Truffle Mushrooms appeared abnormal in size in certain locations.
◆ [Nova] Fixed the issue where the camera's position was abnormal when opening the Dye (J) window.
◆ [Nova] Fixed the issue where the Imperium Armor's dye parts 0 to 2 didn't display properly.
◆ [Tamer] Fixed the issue where defeating other Adventurers participating in the Red Battlefield while mounted atop Heilang wouldn't display the kill system notification.
◆ Fixed the issue where the invite button for Arena of Arsha wouldn't display.
◆ Fixed the issue where you could use the Guild skill "Battle Command To Gather" while your character was located within Marni's Realm or Abyss One: The Magnus.
◆ Fixed the issue where the Residence level UI would also display in other UIs such as repairing and restoring mounts.
◆ Fixed the issue where the area of where your crosshair would change color differed from its actual location in-game while in Crop Mode with Aim Assistance toggled off.
◆ Fixed the awkward text regarding the 2022 Autumn Season exchange coupon conditions in the Season Special Gift UI.
◆ Fixed the issue where the client would crash when entering Abyss One: Magnus when playing from certain hardware.
◆ Fixed the issue where the camera changed to an abnormal perspective when interacting with a NPC while on the following mounts when progressing through Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.
◇ Krahtenn, Creomar, Monoceros, Cetus, Lacerta
◆ Fixed the issue where the daily reward didn't get updated on the Daily Special UI screen unless going to the character selection screen or moving servers if the date changed while logged in.
◆ Fixed the issue where the structures' effects displayed abnormally during the tutorial.
◆ Fixed the issue where the Warrior's weapons did not display during the tutorial.
◆ [Solo] Fixed the issue where you could not move from Vaha's Head to Vaha's Garden while in possession of Lucretia Dagger while progressing through Vahmalkea.
◆ Fixed the issue where an abnormal object displayed for certain classes in the cutscene that plays during [Atoraxxion] Rux Maha Dehkia.

◆ Fixed the issue where the character's position was abnormal in the cutscene that plays after completing [The Magnus] Peaceful Vagabond.
◆ Fixed the issue where [Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - Atoraxxion could be completed while playing through Solo mode in Atoraxxion.
◆ Fixed the issue where you would scoop water only once when you had ticked the box to scoop water continously in certain situations.
◆ Fixed the issue where different item names were displayed when installing Breath Imbued Kutum Lamp and Breath Imbued Nouver Statue in your residence.
◆ Fixed the issue where the Storage UI appeared awkward for gamepad UI mode.
◆ Fixed the issue where you couldn't click certain skills due to their respective tooltips getting in the way in the Skills (K) window.
◆ Fixed the issue where you couldn't enter [Solo] Atoraxxion during a Node or Conquest War.


Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we’ve compiled a list of some of our recent major updates.


For Progression-focused Adventurers:

Abyss One: The Magnus

Proceed with the main questline within another world, The Magnus, and experience another side of Black Desert.

Obtain PEN (V) Boss Defense Gear and quality of life (e.g. fast travel, region-free storage) updates!

Find My Item Function

Now where did I put that item?

Fear no more! You can now search for any item in your possession via ESC - Character - Find My Item.

Monster Zone UI Revamp

Where's the best monster zone suited to my stats?
Look no further than the Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) and click "Monster Zone Info"!

Balenos Main Questline Renewal

The Adventurer's first home, Balenos, has had its main questline renewed.
With voice-acting and cutscenes, experience the renewed Balenos adventure today!

You Shall Now Pass! Into the Mountain of Eternal Winter

The Mountain of Eternal Winter has opened its gates to Adventurers.
Take a new or favorite character through the main questline immediately.
Adventure through a new region with newly added items and monster zones!

Artifacts & Lightstones

Artifacts and Lightstones were added.
Customize your Character with Artifacts and Lightstones which can be obtained throughout your adventurers in the Black Desert world!

Progression Pass for New Adventurers

Want to earn rewards while learning about the world of Black Desert?

Explore the vast world of Black Desert one step at a time with the Progression Pass!

Narchillan Equipment

Equipment for new Adventurers that will help you on your journey!

Enhancement Quality of Life Revamps!

No more tedious prep for enhancements!

You can now use Black Stones to directly increase enhancement chance.

Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline

Complete the “Old Moon Guild’s New Deal” questline to earn Boss gear with the HIGHEST level of enhancement: PEN (V)!

Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory Questline

Obtain an accessory with the HIGHEST level of enhancement through a questline that you can complete once per Family!


For Combat-focused Adventurers:

New Red Battlefield - Valencia City

A new battlefield was added to Red Battlefield PvP content.
Strategize with your team to contest capture points in this all-new battlefield mode in the heart of Valencia City!

Valencia Montser Loot Revamped

Junk loot of monster zones in the Valencia region have been revamped to be more profitable!

New Way of Obtaining Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence

New sub-materials for Ornette’s and Odore’s Spirit Essence have been added to the game

Increased Caphras Stone Drop Rates

Boost your progression with increased Caphras Stone drop rates in various monster zones!

Elvia Realm

Hadum spreads her dark influence into Serendia. Fight the fearsome and powerful monsters of Serendia’s Elvia Relam!


For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

Fwuzzy Alpaca
Let's go on an adventure riding Shai's cute friend, the Alpaca!
You can learn up to 7 types of skills that contain the dreams and love of the Alpaca.

New Minigame Yar!
A new card game that anyone can enjoy has been added! Play against NPCs and other Adventurers in the new minigame, Yar!
We hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert,
Thank you.