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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_SEA.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


GM Notes Jan 4, 2023, 10:00 (UTC+8) Node War changes at a Glance

40 New Expanded Battlefields 

  • The total number of Nodes that can be fought over has been reduced to 40, allowing a greater chance of multiple guilds placing in one spot.  
  • Due to the readjustment of active nodes, the maximum amount of nodes a guild can own has been limited to 3 as to avoid a monopoly.

With the removal of main nodes
Choose the days you want to fight

  • Freely choose the bases you want to fight in, regardless of if they are connected or not!
  • Fight as many Node Wars as you wish, regardless of the day of the week (however, you can only hold at most 3 nodes).
  • Multiple Node War placements cannot be done at the same time, and only one node per day may be placed on.
Tier 1 - Beginner (Total 4)
Node Area Day Max. Participants
Western Guard Camp Tuesday 20
Northern Plain of Serendia
Thursday 20
Treant Forest Friday 25
Polly's Forest Sunday 30
Tier 1: Intermediate (Total 5)
Node Area Day Max. Participants
Cron Castle Monday  25
Alejandro Farm Wednesday  25
Abandoned Iron Mine Thursday  30
Desert Naga Temple Sunday  30
Tooth Fairy Forest
Friday  35
Tier 2 (Total 11)
Node Area Day Max. Participants
Glish Ruins Monday
Mansha Forest Tuesday 30
Mirumok Ruins Wednesday 30
Wolf Hills Friday 30
Helms Post Monday 40
Saunil Camp
Wednesday 40
Castle Ruins
Friday 40
Ibellab Oasis Sunday 40
Omar Lava Cave Tuesday 50
Khuturo Cave Thursday 50
Manshaum Forest
Sunday 50
Tier 3 (Total 12)
Node Area Day Max. Participants
Roud Sulfur Mine Monday 40
Canyon of Corruption Thursday 40
North Abandoned Quarry Friday 40
Quint Hill Monday 55
Valencia Castle Site Tuesday 55
Ancado Coast Wednesday 55
Bashim Base Thursday 55
Elder's Bridge Sunday 55
Navarn Steppe Tuesday 70
Orc Camp
Wednesday 70
Hexe Sanctuary
Sunday 70
Sausan Garrison Sunday 70
Tier 4 (Total 8)
Node Area Day Max. Participants
Ivory Wasteland Monday 50
Hasrah Cliff Friday 50
Basilisk Den Tuesday 75
Pilgrim's Sanctum: Obedience Thursday 75
Gyfin Rhasia Temple Sunday 75
Calpheon Castle Site Wednesday 100
Bloody Monastery Sunday 100
Ash Forest Sunday 100
Day Number of Node Wars in Progress
Sunday  10
Monday  6
Tuesday  6
Wednesday  6
Thursday 6
Friday 6
Tier Days of the week for participation
Tier 1: Beginner  Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Tier 1: Intermediate  Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Tier 2  All days of the week except Saturday, which is conquest war
Tier 3 
Tier 4 

Tier 1 – 3 Stat Caps

  • For Tier 1 Node War, there is a HP cap of 5,000, which reduces by 500 every 20 minutes.  

Tier AP Damage Reduction Accuracy Evasion Damage Reduction Rate Accuracy Rate Evasion Rate Special Evasion Resistance
Tier 1 Beginner  245 223 645 741 7% 15% 15% 0% 20%
Tier 1 Intermediate  335 286 695 805 14% 15% 15% 0% 30%
Tier 2  532 328 757 870 21% 20% 20% 20% 50%
Tier 3  585 364 796 922 No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions No Restrictions
Tier 4  No Restrictions

Win, Lose or Draw, get the same amount of Resplendent Medals of Honor

  • Earn Resplendent Medals of Honor regardless of the result
  • 5 additional Resplendent Medals of Honor awarded to the top 5% of Adventurers in Node Wars remains.

Acquire Tax immediately after taking over a Node, with mode tax money!


No need to wait!

Earn more tax as soon as you take over the Node!


Participation System for Node Wars 

  • Each Guild/Alliance is given 1 opportunity a week to participate.
  • Participation is used upon participation, but will be refunded based on certain critera.

(If a fort is destroyed, or the number of kills/deaths is greater than 20)

  • Participation resets every Saturday at 00:00.